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Hélène began using EFT a few years before she retired. She'd always been focussed on work and being of service to others.But as she opened up to a new vision of life, working on herself with EFT, she felt discunnected from the people who had surrounded her all of her life. Another layer of tapping topics..

A conversation with a friend convinced Hélène to try EFT. The first session, on skype like all the others, was quite a shock. An anger she'd had for several decades disappeared in just 2 rounds.

She was quite surprised, even shocked by this sudden change in her. I explained it was quite normal (the change and the shock) and we tapped away the shock on that first session.

After a few weeks reflecting on this unexpected turn of events, she came back for another session. Soon enough, she got onto the habit of tapping several times a week for herself. She explored all the areas where EFT could help her, on the physical side for back pain, head aches and others, or about her body image or to tap away worry for herself or for others, etc...

She comes back once or twice a year, depending on her needs. With EFT and Matrix reimprinting, we worked togehter on the scars left by her childhood. Her family was led by the grandfather, an imposing and frightening figure to her. She would not speak unless invited to do so, but on the other hand, even though she was not the eldest child, she shouldered heavy responsibilities early.

Two good examples are: aged 12, having to represent the family at the death bed of an aunt, whose face had been “eaten by the disease”. Then aged 15, she was the one who had to question doctors about their diagnosis of her dying father. She is now at peace with this and much more. After 3 years of discovery and of changes in herself, she leads a very active retirement and steps out of her shell. She also discovered Ho'oponopono and the law of attraction, both exploring how we impact the world around us.

But as she's getting deeper into herself, she discovers many of her qualities she never acknowledged before and she feels ready to take a more active place in the world. Here are 2 “adventures” that showed her she was changing. They may seem minor, but not if you put them in the context of a person who never ever expressed her feelings or ideas. Both happen while shopping,

The first is when the lady in front of her spills the contents of her basket. The lady starts complaining about definitely feeling useless. Hélène, typical her, moves forward to help the lady. That was normal. What was NOT normal to Hélène is that, even though nobody had asked her what she thought, she said to the lady that surely there were things she was really good at. The lady looked at her, quite unsettled by a comment that was probably true, but she'd never heard before.
Result : the lady left the shop looking at Hélène as if she was an angel; Hélène barely recovered from the surprise of her own reaction, enjoyed the effect on the lady as well as the smiles on the onlookers.

A few days later, in a different shop, she was looking for a present. All her life she had learnt to deal with things on her own, not asking for help, no matter how big the problem. She suddenly found herself calling a sales lady for help. Her requirement was a bit unusual, so the sales lady directed her to one area of the shop, but obviously kept thinking about it. Ten minutes later she appeared with THE present. Once again, Hélène had to admit that despite the fact that she had “disturbed” somebody, she indeed had offered that person an opportunity to feel happy. The sales lady was delighted she found THE right present and was grinning with pride while Hélène was delighted with THE present too.

EFT can bring around incredible and immediate results, if we consider “minute-wonders”, such as the stories of Julia and her shoulder pain, Shirley's minute-headache, Natalie's Post Viral Fatigue Syndrom and many more you'll find on this website.

In Hélène's case, Hélène didn't really tap to change her life, but simply to clear anything that had kept her stuck, mainly fears: fear that she might not know what to do or say, fear that she was not good enough, fear to act without being asked to, constant fear at every minute. She had been convinced that she didn't deserve anything, and that she could never truly be herself. She'd had a life of untold and mostly subconscious feelings, particularly anger, some of which she was barely aware of, and all of which she had kept deep down inside her.

She now questioned all these values she'd learned in childhood. They may have been good originally, but she'd applied them with excess : so polite she'd never express anything, so giving she could not receive, living every day as a fight, so hard-working she found little pleasure, etc...

This long introduction might allow you to understand why Hélène came back to try and find out how to deal with her “disconnect”, Outside of our work together, she doesn't feel she can talk about all this with people around her. Remember she lives in a small village. She feels as if she's got onto a train, leaving everybody else on the platform. She gets furious when she witnesses people who she feels are destroying themselves physically or emotionally, following a culture and ideas she'd been part of, without ever questioning it, nearly all of her life. Now she'd like to change the world, share her joy and her new hopes, but she just doesn't know how to deal with this. Here are a few ideas we tapped on:

Even though I'd like Mrs Durand to accept to consider EFT for her daily pain, I choose to accept that HER healing is HERS and not mine. Even though I cannot do anything for Mrs Durand, and it makes me so unhappy to see her suffering when I know that there are solutions, I am open to the possibility that I can help her in my own way, without stepping over her freedom, simply by accepting myself and my feelings. Even though the conversation between Mr X and Mrs G yesterday was so negative, I would like to be able to explain to them that it's not all that dark, but they will not listen, I choose to feel at peace with myself. I choose to let my serenity spread out so much that they will have to notice it and open up to a new world. Even though I cannot change the world instantly, I choose to appreciate every small positive change in my own life and I am open to the possibility that my changes are impacting my surroundings positively.

Hélène is very peaceful at the end of her session.

2 weeks follow-up

Results are usually quite fast with Hélène, and once again, we didn't have to wait long for a few more changes. She feels much more at peace with herself even when she witnesses very strong negativity around her. She deals with her feelings daily, sometimes with interesting surprises. For example, Hèlène decided to tap on her own frustration about a person who was behaving in a negative and aggressive way, It had been going on for months.

Two days later, the man sends out a constructive proposal to move forward a project in the village.

Is this the result of Hélène's work? Who knows? But she sure enjoys all these little “coincidences” and develops her “force of the good” with delectation! Who knows where EFT will lead you?