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When headache hits, is there a quick way out?

We were having a few friends over for an afternoon get together during the holidays. Shirley arrived with her parents. She is 20 years old, and I had never met her before. That day, she had been working a very long exhausting day as a shop attendant during the sales period, when the shop had been open since 5 am! And she had a very bad headache. Her mother asked me for a pain killer, which I didn't have. However, we'd been talking briefly about alternative medicines in a previous encounter, and I felt I could suggest EFT. Shirley was ready to give it a go.

As we sat down in a quiet room, I explained that this was about tapping a few points on your face mainly and focusing on your problem. I asked her to just do as I did. 

"even though I had this mad day working, and now I have this very bad headache, I love and accept myself."

Shirley did laugh at that stage, and I included it in the reminder phrases as we were tapping through the points:

This is a really bad headache
and a really silly process
I can't see how that might help
but I'm willing to try
this bad headache
this headache
it was a really noisy day...

Less that 5 minutes after we had left the others in the living room, Shirley came back in, with a smile on her face, and saying "it DOES work!" She reminded me of a child who just witnessed a trick of magic, and while accepting it, is trying to replay it in his head to find out what exactly happened... 

Her mother commented on the fact that Shirley had always been a very receptive child to acupuncture. Some friends in the room where already "EFTed" so they were not that surprised, but about 30 minutes later, I noticed Shirley's mother asking her about her headache, and Shirley just shrugged her shoulders... Nothing to talk about, really...The headache was just history!

I just love EFT, don't you?