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What would life be like if daily stress was not keeping you under pressure constantly?
What would it be like if your past traumas were memories, free from past suffering?
What would it feel like to have the means to help your body to get free from illness and aches and pains?
What if it wasn’t a dream? What if it was possible?


We all feel our stress in our own way. here are a few examples :  

- I spend more time and energy every day managing my stress and/or my pains than enjoying life.
- Everything happening to me is creating stress, as much as I’d like to change this, I can’t.
- I tried what seems like everything, nothing really helped to overcome my life’s difficulties.
- other?

Here you will find tools to help free yourself from the grip of all forms of stress, whether physical, emotional, intellectual, relational, professional…


My mission is to help people navigate to a place of daily well-being. I work with people to give them practices which suit their individual circumstances and which they can implement safely at their own pace.
I am here to help you find your way towards YOUR daily well-being, whether it means helping your body in improve your health, getting better relationships with the people you love (and others!), be more at ease in any situation of your life.
Bring you the solutions that suit you, so you can safely put them in action at your own pace.

There was a time when I also felt powerless towards stress. Today, I’m giving you the tools that helped me get back to life after five years of clinical depression. Read on to find out how we worked with Elodie, Agnès, Mary and others so they could transform their life.

What about you?  Are you ready to act and take your well being into your own hands, beginning with the area that bothers you the most right now?

Stress, Health
and Diseases

How can we help our bodies to heal?

Stress and 

How can stress management help us to share nurturing relationships?

Stress, School and studying

How can we learn better and perform better in times of exams?