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"I am opening up to the possibility of being happy, and it feels so good!"

"Emma" sent this testimonial to the team of the French Congres Virtuel EFT 2014, a French online summit about EFT where I was a speaker for 4 years.
"I am sharing this with all the people she is talking about, and my own gratitude for this online free summit.
Hello. I listened to the summit for the first time last year (2013), and I had just been through surgery for breast cancer and had gone through the first chemo.
I listened several times to all the talks, thank you for generously leaving them available so we can re-listen to them. Each talk was enlightening. I was particularly touched by those which were directly related to my situation, and during several months, I tapped daily on my fear with the tapping Noëlle offered - thank you, no more fear-. I also tapped regularly with Florence's self love protocol - thank you I now accept myself and judge myself less and less - and also using Agnès' happiness tapping.
One year later, I am opening up to the possibility of being happy, and it feels so good! - I really felt the group's energy and the link to earth with the couple I forgot the name of (Mark and Renée Robinson), I was looking forward to hearing them again this year - and I found hope in listening to Christine, and choose to work with her.
Thanks to this summit, I withstood aggressive medical treatments with (that's doctors talking) far less side effects than most people treated for the same disease. Then as I was feeling well, I stopped tapping... Just a little round in the morning, quite on auto-pilot, without really paying attention, and I mentally relapsed...
I didn't want to ask Christine' for help, I was ashamed of my failure. She guided me several times through email, often inquiring on how I was. I am feeling better. For one month now, I have been learning breathing, peace and quietness, and I consciously tap every day. When I listened to Christine's conference [this year] and recognised myself (1) something shifted. Since this conference I no longer feel oppressed. I will never thank her enough, and she knows it. She is a truly beautiful person. A huge thank you to both of you, Noëlle and Maria for your generosity and your investment, and to all the experts. It took me a year to tell you all my gratitude."


(1) It seems interesting to me to share the part of the conference where Emma recognised herself :
"Other's look on us or so-called available "information" are not necessarily helping. I am thinking of a person who was in remission after breast cancer. She had used conventional medicine and EFT, and besides medical results, was convinced she was healed. Her moral was excellent, until that day when, talking with other "cancer survivors", she realised she was part of only 10% who are not following any treatment to lessen risks of relapsing. In an instant, she completely forgot about being healed. That concept went right out the window for her". Her testimonial today shows us that all is possible.

One of Emma's sessions is summarised here