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You'd like to start tapping, but you don't know where to start? What about beginning with what's bothering you?

First, take ONE PROBLEM AT A TIME. Once you know exactly what your "target" is, take it easy, just tap and focus on whatever the problem is. Whatever words come up are the right ones for you. The best way to begin with is to just state the issue, and get everything off your chest. Everything is allowed, shouting, bad words, anything that allows you to bring it all into the open. I sometimes have to ask some clients to really shout it out for them to release unwanted feelings.

People sometimes feel that it might be a bad idea to word the feelings out, it might make them stronger. That might well be true... unless you tap at the same time. Wouldn't you think these words anyway? As you're bringing up the feelings, the tapping is clearing them for you. That's why you don't need to make up nice positive statements, not at the beginning anyway. At some stage, you might feel like you're fed up with bad feelings, and you'd really rather have nice happy feelings. Then you can change your wording. But for now, your objective it to unload whatever weight you might be carrying, physically or emotionally. Let's take two examples.

An emotional example : Let's assume you're angry at someone (it could be at yourself, by the way). Rate it 0-10. You can start with a simple set up statement on the Karate Chop point such as :

Even though I'm really angry at xxxx, I'd love to be relaxed.

And now, tap around the points, just telling the story, all the story, as you feel it :

I'm so mad at xxx, how dare he/she, I'm really furious, he/she shouldn't have said/done xxxxx, this is not going to go by unnoticed... I'm so mad....

Go on and describe how your body is impacted, if that applies:

my heart is beating too fast, I feel really hot, I feel like I received a punch in my stomach, my hands are sweating...

State as many details as you can.

A physical example : Let's assume you're feeling a back pain. Rate it 0-10. Again, you can begin with a simple set-up statement on the Karate Chop point such as :

Even though I'm feeling this pain in my lower back, I'd love to be relaxed.

And now, tap around the points, just describing your pain, as you're feeling it :

this is SOOO painful, this pinching /pulling/stabbing... pain, right in my left lower back...

And since we usually react emotionally to physical pain too, go on and describe how you're feeling about this pain :

I can't stand it, I'm so frustrated / angry / fed up... about it, it's preventing me from leading my life...

State as many details as you can.

Be as honest as you can be about the pain or feeling. If you don't feel better after a few minutes of this, review these few suggestions.

Please note that you can also just start tapping straight on the points, without starting on the Karate chop point and the set-up statement, if that feels more comfortable. This is particularly true when you are right in the middle of a strong feeling or pain.

Always remember to consult a medical doctor for any medical condition, whether it's a physical or mental condition.

Did this help?  Share your experience below or feel free to contact me for any questions. Thank you.