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I don't know if you're like me, but some films or pictures could move me a lot, a lot more than I'd like to. They could make me worried, or sad, or frightened, or lost, and none of these feelings would be helping anybody, not even me.

Such triggers could include: - pictures of a loved one who passed away, recently or not, - books about a difficult topic, or a topic that reminds you of a recurrent issue in your life. - a place where you have memories of an aggression or an accident - pictures of suffering (whether you watch the news or not, you can't avoid the suffering in the world.) - any other ideas?

You could say "well, I need time to grieve", or "I've had this reaction for so long, I'll just avoid any situation where I might be uncomfortable, that will sort itself out", or "I just won't watch this", "I just won't go there, I'll make a detour"...

True enough, and there's no replacing common sense. However, sometimes the grieving is just too deep, stays for too long, as it did for Lucy,  or avoiding certain situations, pictures.places, people etc... could limit you in your daily life or is just not possible.

So why not use these triggers to clear your unwanted sadness, anger, worry, fear and any other unwelcome and heavy feelings?

The process is very simple. With EFT, we use words to help us focus on our issue, but if you are already into the emotion, no need for words. Just make sure that you can focus for a few minutes without interruption. Direct your attention to the picture / film / book / place that triggers you, and start tapping and breathing deeply. If it's a public place, use the hand tapping, or imagining the tapping. Do it as often or as long as you need to, until you feel completely comfortable with your "target".

That will be that much less worry / sadness / fear... in your life. You can now enjoy the memories attached to that picture, or walk through that place comfortably etc...

Again, the more you do this, the lighter you will feel.


Did this help?  You could share your experience below or feel free to contact me for any questions. Thank you.