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Matrix Reimprinting consists in imagining that we return to the source of a trauma or learned behaviour and apply to that trauma what we since learned about life, sharing it with the part of us who originally lived through the trauma, which changes what we can learn from this experience.

This is usually related to an event happening in childhood, but not necessarily. Using EFT, we address the issue on the person we were at that time, our "ECHO". We no longer are this person, but this person is still in us, and more specifically, we still carry what they learned at the time ("the teacher said I was not good enough, that must be true. I will never be good enough.").


It gives us a second chance to review the reaction we had at that time, and change it with the insight and wisdom we gained since the original event. While we don't change what happened at the time, we change our perception of it, and therefore, what would have been a traumatic memory can become a non-event.

Watch the definition offered by my teacher Ted Wilmont