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EFT as all techniques of Energy Psychology, provides us with a holistic approach for improving our well-being. It is based on several techniques, mainly acupunture on one side, an ancient Chinese Healing method, and modern psychology on the other side.EFt can also be used together with other techniques such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or Ho'oponopono. 

EFT does not involve any needles, and can be performed with success on and by children from an early age.

The process (very simplified) is based on "rounds" or "series" of tapping. It begins with tapping on the side of the hand, then a number of specific points on the upper part of the body, while talking about the problem at hand. The intensity of the targeted emotion or pain is measured before and after each round, ona 0 (no intensity, all is well) to 10 (hight intensity) scale.

EFT evolved on top as a self healing technique helping as well on physical ailments where emotions don't seem to be involved at all.  However, EFT is NOT a medical procedure, and you are advised to consult the appropriate medical staff for any medical issue.

You will find here a free manual to learn it on your own.

You can successfully use EFT yourself as easily as you would use a screw driver for a simple project (like putting one screw in a piece of wood). But you might face more complex situations (like building a house frame with your screw driver!). In that case, I'd suggest you contact me for professional support. I might be able to answerr your question immediately. If it is not the case, I always offer a 15-20 minutes initial free meeting so you have all the information in hand when you decide to work with me. Enjoy your discovery!