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A lot of us worry about someone else. Yes, it is possible to tap for another person, or at least for our worry about this other person. We "just have to" consider that we are connected at an energy level.

Like a lot of tappers, my favorite activity when I'm traveling is to tap for the scream baby in the background. Very rewarding, and appeasing for all involved, even if no-one besides the tapper knows why the baby suddenly starts smiling or goes to sleep. These situations might be mere coincidences. Let's say I have experienced a fair amount of coincidences.

But getting back to your question, tapping for somebody else is not always that easy. Let's call this “other person” John. I'd see 2 different situations :

1. John cannot tap for himself (young child or unconscious adult).

2. John really could tap, if only he wanted to, or if someone told him about it. In this case, the person asking the question could be a parent, worrying for his child (a teenager or even an adult), or a person worrying for a spouse, or simply a close friend

So that person who's asking is usually worried, or frustrated, or annoyed (or any other feeling) about the situation, or about “John”'s behaviour. The first step is to identify this and tap it away. Your'll find another FAQ on that topic here.

This free tapping script (click here) might also help you in that situation.

Assuming that you have cleared your own feelings about the situation, you are then perfectly relaxed, and ready to help “John”, without any judgement, accepting that the result of your work doesn't depend on you but indeed on John.

First, review the situation as if you were not part of it (so not necessarily from YOUR poit of view...). What is happening in John's life? What is he consciously feeling? What could be some unconscious feelings? What symptoms and clues are you focussing on? Once you have a clear view of the situation, you have several possibilities. As usual, just choose whatever makes more sense to you.

1. Imagine you ARE John

Even though I, John, feel lost right now, I completely love and accept myself.

2. Imagine you ARE John

Even though John feels lost right now, he could completely love and accept himself.

The tricky part is to measure “your” progress. However, if you made that choice of tapping for John, you are able to either feel what John's feeling or observe his reactions. So, as you would for yourself, just trust your intuition.

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