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FIRST OF ALL, let me ask you this : if this reaction was triggered by the tapping, does that mean that tapping has an action?

Assuming you answer positively, if tapping can create one reaction, could it also create the opposite reaction?

This is a bit like a screwdriver. This is a very useful tool. However if you are trying to unscrew something by turning clockwise, my experience tells me that you will get really annoyed, and be disappointed at the result. You have to turn the right way round. Let's see how you could tap “the right way round”!


So here is my 2 steps answer.

1. Calm down this uncomfortable reaction as fast as possible


If you have created such a reaction while tapping on your own, it is very important that you focus on your breathing. Your triggered this reaction by tapping, you can reverse it by tapping. Here are a few suggestions to help you :

- Keep tapping, it is important to focus on your breathing. Breathe as calmly as possible.

- Remain on the same tapping point for the duration an inhale and exhale, then get to the next tapping point for the next inhale-exhale.

- Keep your eyes open, focus your gaze on something around you, an object, a colour that is calming you.

- Feel your feet on the floor, the seat beneath you.

- You can also stand up and open up your shoulders if this is possible for you.

- Repeat and visualise a word or a short sentence that suits you : “I am safe here and now”, love, calm, serenity... That will keep you r mind busy with a specific and constructive task, and help prevent it to go into all sorts of not-that-nice scenarii.

- Gently press on the inside of one of your wrists, using th e thumb on your other hand, or gently tap the inside of each wrists on each other. This is the point used by wristbands you can buy for car sickness.

- You can also this emergency point. Hold the place at the basis of your thumb and index, just between the two, with the thumb and index of the other hand.

Once you're feeling calm again, we can move on to step two.


2. What really happened?

It is more than likely that a word or a specific energy point got back to the surface the memory of a shock, a trauma, a memory which is particularly difficult to you.

This memory came up strongly enough to trigger a physical reaction (in this case, nausea), but not strongly enough to allow you to identify it clearly right now.

Every case is different, but this kind of reaction is usually tied to a a memory we might block because it can be too painful.

You can ask yourself a few questions, using the available clues, that is nausea, clue number 1, and the topic you were tapping about, clue number 2, in this case, it happened while tapping on neck flexibility, the ability to trun around, and maybe extend the visal spread. Here are a few suggestions :

- What did you not digest in your life? (this free tapping script could be useful here).

- When did a situation or a person make you feel nauseous?

- What is heavy on your stomach?

- What can't you swallow?

- Did you ever look away from a situation that you couldn't handle at the time?

- Is there something behind you that frightens you so much that even the idea that you could have to look at it might trigger this nausea?

This list is only a beginning. These are only generic questions. Just reading them might have brought the light on for you, and you know exactly what this is all about. Or maybe not.

We very easily hide to ourselves what really hurts, or we might just ignore it because it seems like an obvious truth to us. Louise's case is a good example. On her own, she would never have considered the possibility that she could actually feel completely relaxed.

Therefore I'd encourage you to further investigate what is hidding behind your reaction, preferably assisted by an EFT practitioner. They will know how to guide you to safely get to beyond this, without reactivating unwanted reaction.


In a nutshell, is is “normal” to feel sick when tapping? Usually not, but when it happens, there is a logical explanation. You “just” have to find it!

What if this was for you the time to let go of a weight you've been carrying around, and take off?

Please consult a physician for any medical issue.