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guilt and stress coming from the disease can transfer very fast in a deeper weakness of the immune system, which already is fragile. Therefore it is really important to work on it, while of course pursuing medical treatment.

First, this person is taking it the right way: “What can I tap about?”: that question is already part of the solution.

Then ask yourself what exactly is triggering your guilt?  Write down a list of every trigger. Was your MS diagnosed before you got pregnant with your daughter? If it is the case, you could tap on :

Even though I feel guilty/ selfish / irresponsible because I gave birth to my daughter, despite knowing about MS, I have plenty of motherly love...

To help reframing, it might be useful to remember that it is not proven at all that MS would be genetically transmitted. Tap on every aspect or every feeling separately. Write down a few notes to keep track of the feeling, rate i's intensity before you begin, and what ideas helped you get to  0. That will help you to acknowledge your progress and build on it.

Do you feel particularly guilty about her suffering? To help the re-framing, ask yourself if your guilt is bringing her (or yourself) relief from these pains?

It there a specific time when you felt particularly guilty? Maybe when the diagnosis was communicated? If that is the case, you can work on that event separately. It could be useful to get help on this, for example using Matrix Reimprinting.

Mariella's testimony during the Congrès shows it's never too late:

“I was very moved [while listening to your conference], I tapped on and on and couldn't calm down. I felt such pressure in my chest, and found it difficult to breathe at the end of the conference. I followed your indications, kept tapping, then I burst in tears, I cried, it didn't last but it was very intense, and I immediately felt relief. It was very liberating for me.
I was focusing on the time I was told my new-born's heart was damaged, 20 years ago. It really was the biggest shock in my life. [...] I needed something intense to recover my  confidence. Done deal. With your help, I made it!" (Thank you Mariella for this courageous testimony!)

Then, MS has one good side (everything has, if you look close enough!). Physical symptoms are usually very clear and measurable. Observe your body's reaction when you feel particularly guilty, and tap on this physical reaction in relation to guilt.

Last but not least, be patient and persistent. Tap a few minutes every day on this guilt specifically, and keep track of your progress. It  might take a few weeks, or a few days, even maybe a few hours...

You will only find out by getting on with it, staying focused on your objective.

Click here for a free tapping script to transform Worry into Love that might help you too.

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