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The mere fact that two people have the exact opposite reaction to EFT just highlights two points: 1. EFT does "something", and 2. like everything else in life, each of us responds to it in our very own way, depending, amongst many other aspects, on our personal history, our beliefs about life and ourselves. EFT has NO POWER in itself. EFT, like any other tool, has the power we are allowing it to have, consciously or unconsciously.
Then we might wonder why Jean-Paul experienced that reaction. Jean-Paul's visible issue was to let go of that deeply rooted anxiety. He wished for it, and got that wish. However, unknown to him, this anxiety might have been there to cover up for something deeper, something too big to face it. If this happens to you, please do as Jean-Paul did: ask! As it happens, despite "getting nowhere" on his own, when we started tapping together he immediately noticed an emotional reaction.
Jean paul is not the only one to experience this. As I'm writing, he has a lot of tapping to do, on his own and with support from a trusted person when he gets stuck, but the key is that he keeps his focus on what he ultimately wants, what we all ultimately want: real happiness, whatever it means for each of us.
So in a nutshell, if you have a similar issue I'd suggest the following:

  1. Acknowledge that this is ONE STEP in your healing journey, not the final one. As long as you're alive, you have many other steps ahead.
  2. You have a choice: (A) Stop your healing journey there ("it never works for me anyway") or (B) keep going, use your reaction as a clue, and build on it. What is YOUR choice?
  3. If you are still reading, I assume you chose (B). So ask for support (contact me), talk to fellow EFTers if you know any... They might give you clues and trigger ideas on what you could do next.
  4. Ask yourself "why could I be reacting this way"? List all the issues/trauma you had in your life, even if you don't have any feelings about them at this stage. If you still remember when your mother didn't compliment you on a drawing you did aged 5, then, there's some level of emotions attached to it. Therefore, this IS important to you, even if as an adult, you find it ridiculous and unimportant. Also list all your personal limiting beliefs such as "I'm not good enough anyway", "I'm a lost cause", "some things are impossible to heal, if it was possible, people would know it", etc... These two lists will be precious to keep track of your progress and check that these traumas and limiting beliefs really have been cleared for you.
  5. Keep tapping, meditating, breathing, using ho'oponopono, etc... Create your own recipe. Whatever works for you is good. (Of course, I'd suggest double dose of tapping!). Use the tips-to-tap that appeal to you in the FAQ section of
  6. Get somebody to help you. If you are a driver, remember your first times at the steering wheel? Once you had the basics, you could more or less find out how to move on, but an instructor was important to make you really safe on the road, watch out for dangers around you until you were able to see them yourself. Experience has taught you much more since. Tapping is like driving: help is key to begin with, practice makes perfect, on going support helps, but in the end YOU have the steering wheel, so YOU have the solution.

Did this help? Feel free to make any comment or ask a question.