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When I started discovering EFT, I was a bit raving about it, so much so that one day my friend Anne suggested that I'd stop talking to her about it. And so I did. At least I tried. So you can imagine my surprise when,

a few months later, she said, as if it was totally normal, that she had tried on her own, and had solved a problem of "dry eyes". Her doctor had originally prescribed daily eye drops until the end of times, since this condition had no long term solution. "As to the eyes I have only used eye drops twice in 6 months." Actually, this got her doctor curious. Maybe another opportunity for EFT to be recognised and developed further through the medical world...

Anne also had a lot of issues related to her past (who hasn't?), and since I was just a beginner at that time, I suggested she'd contact an EFT practitioner I trusted. They had a couple of sessions, and Anne made progress on this too.

Then one evening she decided to try on her hip. Here is the story as she puts it : "The week before my son was born we were going out in the car and the road was very icy.  We had quite a bad skid and as I was the passenger I put out my foot as if I were the driver. My hip was very sore and the next week I had the baby and I think the delivery did not help. I was x-rayed but nothing untoward showed up. However for the next 40 years I experienced quite severe pain when I lay on my left side in bed. 40 years later Christine tapped the pain away!!". Actually, I didn't, she did. I guess my participation was introducing EFT to her in the first place.

More recently, she had some arthritis in her neck. We had a 25 minutes session over Skype, and the 10 weeks old-level 10 (on a 0-10 scale : 0-All is well. 10-can't deal with it) pain collapsed. There was still some work to be done to improve this, but it was impressive enough. 7 weeks later, her update is "As to the arthritic pain  - I don't have any pain at all. Only very occasionally when I stretch my neck to look up very quickly."

We also helped her husband dealing with gout.
She is tapping on a regular basis, when she has issues, can't sleep, has to play golf...

With that background in mind, I was a bit surprised when, after a nice meal we had shared, Anne said she would get some rennies for a heartburn:
- would you like to try tapping first?
- oh, I don't think it would work for THAT.

I negotiated 3 rounds of tapping, after which we would go and find the rennies, if they were still required.

You have to be fully honest with EFT, so the first round went :

even though I have this heartburn, and it's my fault because I had too much food, and I don't believe EFT will work for THAT, I do love and accept myself, and I forgive myself for eating foolishly".

On the 0-10 scale (0-all is well, 10-unbearable), it was only a 4 to begin with, but it now came to a 3.

"even though I STILL have a bit of that heartburn..."

Anne eventually admitted it was down to 0.5. We had our 3rd round focusing on forgiveness, and then I asked if I should go and get the rennies;
"Well, I hate to say it, but it's totally gone, I'm fine".

It does seems incredible that one technique could help with to many different issues.
But as they say... try it on everything!

Do consult a medical doctor for any symptom, and keep tapping too!