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Emma's grand-mother died of breast cancer. Emma's mother died of breast cancer. What was “Emma” (not her real name) to think when she was diagnosed with breast cancer? And once her current cancer healed, will she spend the rest of her life in fear of following her ancestor's path? Can you really uproot such a “logical” fear? Emma shows us that it might actually be easier to uproot that fear than you might think...

Emma's breast cancer had been surgically removed 2 months before I met her. That cancer had been identified during a routine check, and then everything had gone very fast. She was now following a program of “safety chemotherapy”.

It was the first real physical health issue she'd encountered in her life, but going over her life revealed that she went through quite her share of emotional traumas. There were so many of them she really didn't know which one to begin with. So when I asked her what she wanted to work on, she declared : “I trust you”. Well. I did feel very honored, but I didn't have the answer! So I asked her to close her eyes, breathe in deeply, and tell me what came to her mind. A very different answer came out immediately : “relapse”. I asked her what feeling was attached to it. “I think I now understand how it works, so right now I am going to heal because I want to heal. But then, I'm afraid I won't be able to break the ancestral process.”.

Anybody could understand her fear, given the circumstances. Thanks to a very good medical team and a nice dose of EFT, she was now sure to heal form this occurrence, but what about the future? Time to tap!

E Even though I am afraid I won't be strong enough to break this ancestral process, at least I know I am healing for this time, and I choose to accept my fear as easily as I accept my healing.?

Emma could visualise her fear as a black rock in her stomach. Still tapping, I guided her to visalise that balck rock disolving into a soft pink peace.

But she just couldn't continue beyond the 50/50 point, where she was still holding half of her fear while releasing half of it. She now measured it as a 4 on a 0-10 scale (0-no fear – 10 enormous fear), instead of the initial 7.

She explained with a lot of common sense that the fear went down because of the work we just did, but it couldn't go to 0 because it had been there for so long. A new tapping opportunity!

Even though I have had this fear for too long, and it's been in my family for even longer, I cannot be the one to clear all this in just a few seconds; one part of me really is wondering. What if I could?

After this second tapping, less than 15 minutes after we started the session, I did my best to revive her fear : “it's here in your genes, deep in you, you are programmed so this process keeps going. Proof is that you did get this first cancer. It's a really intense fear...” Incredulous, she said “I would say that I don't have it anymore, but that sounds quite impossible to me”.

Here is a completely different situation! We used the next 30 minutes to help Emma to accept the possibility of what she was actually feeling. Hopefully, Emma has a good sense of humour, which can be useful. Following rounds include:

Even though it's quite impossible that I don't have this fear anymore, it has to be a trick of my mind, it must have hidden it somewhere else, I'm sure it's going to show up again, still, one part of me is not sure at all, that part of me is positively ready to let go of this fear.

Even though it looks perfectly impossible to me to let go of all this in just 10 minutes, impossible is not French (Emma is French, so the whole session was actually in French)., and since I choose to heal anyway, I choose to heal for future generations.

Even though all this looks completely impossible, it's way too fast, who would I be without this fear? I lost part of me when I let go of that fear. I choose to learn to know myself, truly know myself, me, Emma, fearless and daring.

To help her to see her new self, I suggested that she stood “outside of her” to give a good look at herself. New obstacle : she does see a “light and smily” Emma. I thought to myself that was quite good. BUT, she immediately realised that this was the image she had always offered to the rest of the world, even when it was only an image, not her true feeling. Even though it was quite different now since she FELT “light and smily”, a little more tapping was required. So after a few more rounds, I let Emma go with a little homework until the next session.

One week later, Emma confirmed that her fear of relapse had completely subsided. She also mentioned she was not afraid to die from a cancer anymore. It could have been one of these “happy EFT side effects” from her previous session, but let's be honest, she had actually let go of that fear herself thanks to the French version of the Tapping Summit (Congrès Francophone d'EFT), and more specifically thanks to a script that Noëlle Cassan had shared there. All this improvement had also been validated at a different level by Emma's [surprised] osteopath a few days after our first session.

Obviously we cannot guarantee that Emma won't ever have a relapse. Let's meet in 50-60 years to know the answer for sure. However, if you could choose, would you rather live with or without constant conscious and subconscious fear?

Emma commented on the changes she experienced since her fears disappeared: “First of all, at a physical level, I don't have this ball in my throat . I used to feel it nearly every evening when I went to bed, since my mother's death [many years before]. Since I'm not afraid any more, I have more time... time to stop faking, time to be myself, and mostly time to live with others instead of living through them and through their eyes (I used to do this over 50 years to cover up my fear, fear of the disease, but also fear of loneliness, fear of being judged, fear of being criticised). Hence my new project to stop my job as an Account Manager in a big company so I could fulfill my teenage dream: help others!

3 month follow-up

Emma keep tapping on her own. We did have a couple more sessions to go through more difficult issues, either physical or emotional.

Noticeably, she once suffered very severe belly pains. She asked me for advice on mail. After implementing my suggestions on her own, the pain completely subsided.

Chemotherapy is now finished. She is continuing on her healing path, relieved from the weight of her fear of relapse. Thank you Emma to share this. A lot of people who went through a cancer spend the rest of her life with this Damocles' sword above their head. How would their life be transformed if they could recycle the energy that their fear is pumping in them and use it to create and enjoy life's joys, day after day?

One year later

Emma sent in a testimonial you can read here. It is a lovely ending to that chapter of her life.