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Lynda had had oral surgery. She had several stitches in the jaw in the middle of her chin. She had suffered all night, and when I met her the next morning, her face looked bloated, her eyes a bit puffy, and she couldn't speak properly, let alone smile.

Lynda knew I was working on developing EFT awareness. I had explained to her what it was about, but still, when I suggested I might be able to help her a bit with the pain, she thought I was joking and showed me her box of pain killers. When I insisted somewhat, I guess she eventually thought "why not", and decided to give it a go.

I explained very briefly the procedure, saying I'd rather get some relief first if we could. I only used the shortcut for the whole time. We started very simply, with her main worry :

"Even though my chin feels very tender at the touch, and it's very sore, I love and accept myself".

I was so focused on getting her relieved fast I had forgotten to ask her to rate her pain SUDS and only told her after the first round. She said it had probably been an 8 (0- all is fine, 10 - can't bear it)... and was now at a 7.

"even though I have this remaining pain in my chin, I love and accept myself, and I choose to release that pain."

The pain went down to a 6. With every round, the pain kept going down, albeit 1 level or even 1/2 level at a time, until we eventually left it at a 1.

Various statements included :

About the pain:

"even though I still have this pain in my chin, ..."
"it hurts so much"

"I can't talk"

"I can't laugh"

"this is to be expected, the surgery was only yesterday"

"this pain in my chin"

"the tenderness in the tissues and muscles in my chin"

"it hurts when I stretch my skin"
"it hurts inside and outside my bottom lip"

alternating on the positive side with :

"I do love and accept myself,"
"I forgive my body / my chin / my jaw / my gums / my teeth / the surgeon / myself for the pain" (while we were forgiving, we might as well get everybody in!)

"I choose to heal now/immediately"

"I choose to release the pain now"

"I choose to release the remaining pain completely"

"I thank my body / my chin / my jaw / my gums / my teeth / my immune system for the healing that took place already "

"I choose to get back to normal now"

We were on it for about 20 minutes. When we came back to the other people we were with, they found it difficult to believe what they saw, and still, Lynda's face was relaxed, and she chatted away and laughed along, barely able herself to believe this was really happening.  Definitely a new addict!

Skeptical as she was to begin with, Lynda's face obviously came to show various levels of amazement. Amongst the comments she made...
At the beginning: "you're going to laugh at me. It was an 8, but now it's a 7". 
When it came to 5 : "so it was all in my mind?"
It certainly wasn't "all in her mind". Her body had received a shock (the surgery), which unbalanced her energies. By tapping while focussing on the issue, we simply helped her body to heal, restoring the flow of energies which had been disturbed.

I find that emergencies like that are amongst the most rewarding, and probably the easiest to get a "minute wonder" from. A brilliant first aid tool, don't you think?


1 week later - follow-up:

The pain never returned. Lynda went to see her physician and told him all about it. He's interested in finding out more. Maybe an opportunity to spread EFT towards the medical world?

Keep tapping!

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