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 Marguerite has important issues related to allergies (sun, chemicals..). She wishes to lower her medication, because of side effects. So I thought our first session would be about allergies, but then she explained to me that she was experiencing osteoarthritis since aged 15! How very unusual. Her pains are mainly in her jaws and back. This is a very good example of a physical reaction to deeplu buried old emotions that never got a chance to be acknowledged. When these emotions are heard and seen, the effects casn be surprising. 

Before we continue, please note that I am not a doctor, we are working on Marguerite's emtions. For any medical issue, please consult your physician.

As we start working, I asked my favourite question "what was happening in your life when it begun?", Marguerite answers that she was very tall as a teenager (1m73/5 ft 8 aged 13). They called her all sort of names like "grande duduche", "lankey"... and she found it difficult to be accepted, because she was taller than the other girls. Now aged 59, Marguerite thinks of it with her reasoning mind : "well , this is all a very long time ago, it's in my past...."

Translation notes : I don't know of names calling in English for a very tall kid. If you have any great idea, by all means, let me know :-) Thanks.

However, she still felt like she was not accepted. Even if the adult was applying reason, in the unconscious mind, the child still suffers, and any social gathering is an opportunity for stress. She has a party planned for that same evening.

I choose to use the Matrix Reimprinting technique (Click here for more details about that technique)

Marguerite cannot remember any specific event related to her feeling of not being accepted. I suggest that she imagines a likely scene, which fits her memories, something that could have been happening when she was about 15.

So here is Marguerite aged 15 (we'll call her "the ECHO") in the playground at school, while her "friends" are calling her names like "la grande duduche" or lankey. Marguerite (59) describes the situation and enters the scene to go and help her ECHO.

Marguerite and her ECHO begin to talk. Marguerite introduces herself, explains to her ECHO that she is an older version of herself, that she knows she's suffering and that she came to help her. She asks her ECHO what she's feeling right now.

The ECHO answers that she feels she's never in the right place, she feels rejected. Marguerite suggests a new game (EFT) which might be helpful. The ECHO accepts to play, and we start tapping on :

"Even though I feel rejected, I know I'm a good girl".

Her rejection feeling goes from 10/10(very strong feeling) to 4-5/10 (we're aiming a 0!).

But then a new aspect comes up, as Marguerite can feel an unidentified and deep sadness coming up. After a few questions to the Echo, she remembers that her boyfriend Aldo has just left to live abroad, and didn't get a chance to say goodbye. He was the only one who accepted her without judgement. It's a very big loss for the Echo. "Aldo leaving" has indeed many aspects to it : besides losing a boyfriend, she also looses the possibility to be accepted by anybody. So we tap with Marguerite's Echo about :

Even though Aldo has gone and couldn't even let me know, I choose to feel good anyway

Marguerite had long forgotten that incident, so she's very surprised to feel this deep sadness coming up. It takes the best of 10 minutes to tap away all aspects of this sadness, which goes from 10 (deep deep sadness) to 2 (very light sadness). Marguerite's Echo is now feeling better.

The sadness is not totally gone, though, and when we ask the 15 years old why, she immediately answers : "I'll never find another Aldo". More tapping material.

"Even though I will NEVER find another Aldo, I choose to accept myself, at least, that will be one person accepting me!"

A little bit of humour never hurts, when you're ready for it. After this round, the Echo becomes much happier and comments "well, it feels good!"

Before we leave her, Marguerite asks her if we can help with anything else. The 15 years old Marguerite explains that she can't express her feelings. Her parents never consider her needs, and she finds it difficult to breathe with all these "don'ts" (don't speak, don't invite friends at home, don't make any noise, don't laugh, don't cry etc...)

"Even though I can't say what I need to say, I choose to breathe freely, and to safely understand my own needs."

We still can't reach 0. Marguerite tells me that perfection is just not possible in this world...

"Even though I CAN'T feel perfectly fine because nothing is ever perfect in life, I choose to breathe freely, because I am perfect in my imperfections!"

This time the 15 years old Marguerite feels really good and chooses to go for a walk. The 59 years old Marguerite explains that she can use EFT whenever she wants, and that she can call her older self whenever she feels like it. The 15 years old is very grateful and the pair get a big hug before the older Marguerite leaves.

Marguerite comes back to present time with a feeling of relief. I ask her is she still feels rejected. Actually, the rejection issue is gone, but instead, there's the fear that she's not in the right place, and she's afraid of her tendency to have a very sharp tongue.

As in any session, the idea is to deal with the problem at hand, but also to understand how to use EFT day in day out, depending of your own needs and expectations.

So I suggest that Marguerite prepares for her party by imagining the worst that can happen, and to tap each of these aspects away.

Even though I'm not where I should be....
Even though I don't know what I could say...

Regarding allergies, I show her how to tap every symptom away as they appear.

Next day:

I get an email from Marguerite : to her great surprise, 3 different people commented during the evening that she was far less aggressive than usual. A very welcome side effect!

3 months later

Regarding osteoarthritis, 3 months later, pains in the jaw and the back are nothing like what they used to be. When they used to be constantly at 10 , they are now about 1 or 2, and only when the weather is really bad. Maybe a few more little things to tap on?

Marguerite has many other worries, but this first session gave her a measurable benefit, and opened doors towards many possibilities. A great support to face the event we choose to "forget" from our past, even our subconscious mind keeps remembering and suffering... until we release it!

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