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Fearghal just turned 50. He's been working most of his life in a factory, doing repetitive movements. As a reaction, he developed a "tennis elbow".

The pain has been difficult to manage for about 6 months. He has tried several medical solutions, to no avail. Fearghal works on shifts, and when we meet, he hasn't been working for a few days. Therefore the pain is "low". When asked to measure it on a scale of 0 (no pain) to 10 (unbearable), he says it would often go to 8-9. But right now, it is "only" a 2 when he leaves his arm alone, and a 5-6 when he bends his elbow. The movement he's doing at work involves a repetitive flexing of his right arm. Fearghal likes this particular job for various reasons, so he has been coping with the pain for a long time.

I introduce him to the basics, and we go for a simple round :

Even though I have this pain in my arm, due to the movement I do at work, I like my work, and I love and accept myself.

We only did a couple of rounds of reminder phrases of the "shortcut" from the EFT basic recipe, that is, barely 2-3 minutes.
The pain goes to a 2, even when flexing his arm. That is already quite good for Fearghal, not good enough for me. So we go again :

Even though I STILL have some of this pain in my arm, I do love and accept myself.

Again, only a couple of rounds of reminder phrases. That's it, the pain is now a 0. Gone, completely. A great feeling for Fearghal, who hasn't felt that for a long time.

He is quite excited with such a quick result, and even looking forward to some home improvement job he has planned later in the day, which might be causing him some back pain, so he could try it out on his own.

3 years later...

I happen to meet Fearghal in town. He now has other jobs at work, which don't affect his elbow in the same way. He's delighted that the pain actually does stay away... unless he gets involved in the same task again, in which case he just taps the pain away.

Of course, EFT is no substitute for common sense and good posture in order to protect yourself from strains and injuries. Still, this is a pretty handy 1st aid tool to have.