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This article is slightly different from others, since Liz chose to write it herself. Liz found that sharing her experience was a good way to consolidate and affirm her new life.

I added a few notes here and there to help your understanding, particularly if you don't know anything about MR (Matrix Reimprinting).

A way to explain this is to say you are "playing" at revisiting past events, and assisting the person you were then, with all the wisdom and knowledge you got from life since then. Read more about Matrix reimprinting here .

I contacted Christine after the French EFT Summit where I had heard her speak. I really wanted some help to move forward in various aspects of my work and personal life and felt confident that Christine could help me do that. She immediately suggested to work on my self-confidence to unlock all this...

I’ve suffered a lot from denial, bullying, rebuffs, moral and even sometimes physical violences from my mother. I was a very shy and inhibited child, and I never felt I belonged. I created habits of failure, the idea that I can’t succeed, I don’t deserve, and I faithfully reproduced this deep-established belief in my daily life. For our first session, Christine asked me to remember a situation as a child in which I had really felt dragged down.

Although there have been many of them, a specific situation spontaneously came to my mind: a very intense one for me, and something that I had already tapped on by myself. I wondered why I should do it again with Christine? But she answered: "We'll start off with it because there must be a reason that it came to mind".

So I’m starting describing the situation: as a child I hated eating meat; I couldn’t swallow it, and my mother forced me to stay at the diner table until I finished it all. So I often stayed an eternity in the kitchen trying to chew a meatball, by then impossible to swallow, while my mother was rough with me because of my slowness and “incapacity”. Until that specific day (I must have been 6) when she exploded: she grabbed me by my arm, pulled me down the stairs (we were living on the 2nd floor), and… While I was relating the event to Christine, a strong emotion came over me. No, I hadn't cleaned it all!

Note: Think about Liz when an event you thought you “cleaned up” still triggers undue reactions in you, or if you find yourself thinking about it a bit too often. Would you need a little help too to go past that point?

We resume the situation from the beginning: there’s only my mother and me, having a meal in the kitchen. Matrix Reimprinting had drawn my attention to Christine’s website, and I was happy that she offered to use it. So here I am going back in time: I introduce myself as an adult to the little girl I was, who feels immensely reassured to have someone to help her, someone introducing herself as “her” as an adult. The little girl feels surprised, intrigued and relieved!
This experience was still very unsettling to me though, so we started tapping on this:

Note: to really benefit from Matrix Reimprinting, it is essential to be grounded and strong enough to be able to help your ‘echo’ (the person you were at that time). In Liz' case , the trauma was still very vivid for her. So we had to do a few rounds in the present to allow her to find peace, to be able to really help the little 6 years old girl she once was.

Even though this event still triggers very violent reactions in me, I have been able to introduce myself to the little girl; this already is an achievement.
Even though this event is much too sensitive for me, I feel it in every cell of my body, I feel it in my throat, but I’m now ready to consider the possibility that I can keep that part of my life while releasing its intensity.

Lots of emotions came up whilst tapping, simply bringing this event to mind was enough to revive all my fear and my distress when facing my very angry mother. But eventually it decreased and disappeared totally (even the big /lump I had in my solar plexus), thanks to Christine's guidance.
Once I had calmed down, we were able to resume the usual MR process, and tap on the child's feelings.

Even though I’m very scared of mum, because she is so upset, it’s not my fault if I can't eat my meat.
Even though I’m so scared of mum, I feel something awful is about to happen, I’m a very nice little girl.
Even though I’m very scared of mum, I like my new friend very much (me as an adult coming to help her).

We ended the first session, leaving the little girl with the possibility to get help from someone in that situation, which lightens her fear of mum (“I know I have a new friend who will defend me, I’m less and less scared, and this is very nice”), with a huge feeling of gratitude for the help, and for her regained power.

Note: We left the following round in some detail, as it often comes up in some shape or form. EFT allows us to let go of old programs we learned, usually in childhood, but nature doesn't like emptiness. So it's quite useful to put in place new programmes such as this one!

I'm informing each of my cells that I’m starting a new programme.
Dear cells, I'm informing you of the launch of a great programme.
This is a programme of love, this is a programme of acceptance, this is my programme for security.
I choose to print it in all and each of you, so you can all benefit from it whenever you want.
My new programme is designed to set off automatically to bring security where there was fear, to bring love where there was anxiety, to bring light where it was darkness.
In every cell of body of my cells, every fiber of my heart, and every neuron of my brain.
Thank you!

Two weeks later, we have a second session and get back to that situation. I can now confidently revisit the “kitchen scene”. So we resume working on the rest of the story with Matrix Reimprinting. The mother grabbed the little girl by the arm, ran down the stairs… again, a strong emotion of terror comes over in the stairs for the little girl.

Even though I feel all this terror, I don’t know what mum is about to do, she never overreacted like this, I always do my best, but I really can't chew the meat, and I'm still a nice little girl.
Even though I'm really scared, I'm afraid that mum will throw me down the stairs, I'm afraid of falling, I'm afraid of hurting myself, ...
Even though I’m really panicked and scared, I’m glad my new friend (me adult) is here with me, because when she’s here, everything’s ok.

Christine suggests that I ask the little girl what she’d need so she wouldn't be afraid anymore: a magic wand, a guardian angel, someone specific? Let’s go for a magic wand! With the wand, the little girl makes herself float in the air over the stairs, she’s now flying behind her mother, so no more risk of falling over. Not only terror disappears, but the situation turns into great fun! That makes all the difference!

Down the stairs, her mother drags her nastily to the cellar, and locks her inside, calling her a very naughty girl. Again, we need to tap on strong aspects: the disbelief to be treated and abused like this, the feeling of being rejected, the fear of the dark cellar with spiders and rats, the fear of being abandoned here…

Note: Liz mentions that her mother drags her “nastily”. We could have worked on the little girl's anger towards her “mean” mother. In this case it seems that working on the girl's terror was enough. The aspect of Liz' anger against her mother might come up later. Or might not.

Fortunately, the little girl now has her new friend and the magic wand with her! At least, she can turn on the light.

Even though I can't believe my mum is nasty enough to leave me alone in the cellar, I don't understand what’s happening, I don't understand what I've done, I’m glad my new friend is with me, and she tells me that I’m a good little girl, and everything will be alright (…)
Mum cannot be that nasty, who is this person who locked me up in the cellar?
This person cannot be my mum, it’s not possible that my mum locked me in the cellar?
Fortunately I have my new friend, fortunately I have my magic wand.

Christine then introduces a brilliant idea: on top of being able to turn on the light, she also offers that I change the ground with the magic wand. Then the little girl chooses a soft brown fur all over the floor. But emotion is still very intense, as if my cells hadn’t realised yet that the story was over. So we carry on tapping on terror to finish cleaning it.

Note: Again Adult Liz's emotion took over and we had to step out of the story for her to calm down before she could “go back and help the little girl”.

Then Christine made me imagine a pink bubble all around me, which is a complete protection (there’s nothing but good inside, and only good can get in). I go back to the cellar with my bubble, and invite the little girl in. The feeling of terror changes completely, into a comfortable and funny situation, in the pink bubble, on the soft brown fur, with the magic wand, and also inviting in a fairy to keep her company. We finish by cleaning a feeling of worthlessness, and with a beautiful work to improve her self confidence and remove unnecessary inhibition. End of 2nd act.

Note: as always with that technique, it all looks like a cartoon. The real magic is that back to reality, Liz immediately notices a completely different view of her life and its (and her!) possibilities.

2 month follow-up

This situation, which had remained traumatic for me for so long, turned into a great memory and great fun. It’s obvious now that I couldn’t clear this trauma and transform it by tapping alone!

That positive reprogramming gave immediate results: the day after session 1, I decided to end my sentimental relationship, which was reflecting my old program (it was something like “I don't deserve to be treated with respect, and in a nurturing way”). I felt relieved to be able to make this decision, to give myself the opportunity to move on with my life, to open the door to a better relationship for me and for the other person.
This work on my self-esteem also had other impacts in the following weeks: on the way I behave, the way I dress, how I take care of myself… even the way I handled my professional activity, which, literally, had not been feeding me either! Within a couple of weeks of the second session, new clients started to show up!
A Huge Thanks to Christine for this wonderful work and the positive changes it has allowed me to make in my life..

And a huge thanks to Liz for sharing her story with her heart!