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Suzie has been a close friend of mine for a very long time. She was right in the middle of a difficult divorce and depression, and when I phoned her just by chance (if such a thing as "chance" exists), she was crying uncontrollably.

I asked her what had happened. She told me she'd met her husband Paul that evening, and he had made a nasty remark about something. She ended up in tears.

Since then (3 or 4 hours later), she couldn't stop crying, and couldn't see any end to it. If I had asked her for her SUDS then (0-all is well, 10--disaster), I guess it would have been over 10, but really that wasn't the time for such a question. I had already told Suzie about EFT, but she'd forgotten about it.

We were both in front of our computers, and I sent her a 1 page reminder of the full procedure. She looked at it as I explained each point to her. I asked her what her biggest issue was at this very minute "I just feel sooo stupid that I cried" (her language was actually a bit more crude, and we followed it, since it is important to use your own words)

So the first round was :

"even though I feel sooo stupid that I cried in front of Paul tonight, I COMPLETELY love and accept myself"

reminder sentences on each point included

"I feel soooo stupid / stupid to cry in front of Paul tonight..."

The phone went silent, and I started to wonder what was happening. She stopped tapping and said "I've got all these different feelings coming over me, is that normal?"

I reassured her, and suggested that she finished the whole round and kept her feelings in mind so she could work on each of them.

After that round, we followed her own words :

"Even though I have so much sadness, and that's not normal, quite frankly, I really don't need that, I COMPLETELY love and accept myself"

reminder phrases :

"so much sadness / that's not normal / I really don't need that.."

Once again, silence, and suddenly : "you know what... I can breathe! It feels so good!"

So we were progressing, and Suzie's comments confirmed it to me : "I can't believe this... this is impossible... I can't believe I'm breathing freely".

In 3 rounds and less than 15 minutes, Suzie was at peace, fully able to speak without a tear in her voice.

I'd love to say that it was the end of all of Suzie's trouble, but it was actually the beginning of her solving all of her issues. We had numerous sessions after that over several months, before Suzie could really eliminate all the negative emotions related to her marriage and the rest of her life.

Perseverance was key in this case. But EFT was clearly a very important tool on Suzie's way to happiness.

Happy tapping to you!