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Marguerite, aged 59, was suffering from respiratory and skin allergies since she was a teenager. Following her doctor's advice, she was on 2 antihistamines a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The normal dose for these was one a day, and her chemist (or pharmacist, depending where you live!) was very reluctant to give her the prescribed dose, but there was no other solution. The medication relieved her from the allergy symptoms, but made her very tired.

When we first "met" (all sessions were on skype), she was so enthusiastic about EFT and its possibilities that she told me she'd stopped her treatment altogether that very morning!

My answer came in 2 steps :

1. I am NOT a doctor, therefore I don't qualify to comment on any medication.

2. This was her decision, however, it sounded a bit extreme to me, considering her medical history!

And indeed, 3 days later, her symptoms had come back full strength, and she was back on her treatment. But if the story stopped there... there would be no case study!

Besides her allergies, Marguerite had many other challenges with her physical health. To introduce her to the basics of EFT, we started dealing with arthritic pains she had been experiencing in her back since she was a teenager too. You can read the detail of that session here.

EFT is at its peak efficiency when you tap right in the middle of a crisis. I explained to Marguerite how to tap when she would next feel the usual allergy symptoms.

During the following weeks, we had 6 sessions together, dealing with different issues. She then felt confident enough to keep tapping on her own. 

Six months later, Marguerite was only on one antihistamine in the evening... when she remembered about it. She tapped when symptoms came back,  from time to time. Please note the we never once tapped together on this exact topic.

So how did she get these results? I assume it's a combination of these 2 points :

  • over the 6 sessions, Marguerite did clear a lot of old issues, including : feeling she'd had to take over her parents' hair-dressing salon, while is was not her preferred life choice (and with all the allergy-triggering products you can find in these salons), feeling the fear to be abandoned, as a baby, and then as a child, anger, feeling she could not say NO to anybody, and the effects it had on her own life, and remembering two episodes of "mild" sexual abuse she'd "forgotten about".

  • in between these session, and then after we stopped working together, Marguerite was eager to tap regularly, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes more, depending on the topic she was tapping on.

Two years later : Marguerite now was on only one antihistamine, maybe 2... A WEEK.

However, she was adamant she would keep clearing a long list of physical symptoms she believes are related to emotional causes, one at a time. So she's progressing on her list. She also decided to free herself from all the negative relationships she had encountered. So she made a list of all these people, and tapped them away, one by one. All was very well in her world, until she started tapping on her relationship with a previous boyfriend who cheated on her twice. Allergies came back full strength again. Feeling the wound was too deep and she couldn't deal with it on her own, she called me for that session. She cleared her anger, found and gave forgiveness, and eventually was able to talk about him with no intensity at all.

Since then, allergies come and go, more or less acting as an emotional barometer. She might use her medication again, maybe three or four times a month. Her doctor approves. She keeps working on her Personal Peace Procedure. The initial medication doses and side effects are long forgotten. And that's not even considering all the other symptoms she cleared on the way.

So, if you suffer from these kinds of allergies, maybe you could ask yourself which emotional root cause it could be related to? Louise Hay, in her book "You can heal your life", suggests that allergies are about "denying your own power". This is only one hypothesis, which incidentally did apply very well to Marguerite. What about your own situation? Do consult your medical doctor for any change of medication.