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Whether you got a cold because you were in a draft without a hat, or because you picked it up from somebody else, the common cold is a burdensome and very tiring companion. What is the magic recipe to escape it?

Well, I guess we all know it: a balanced diet, full of vitamins, possibly with fresh, local organic fruits and vegetables, preferably raw when possible, being outside and physically exercising as much as possible, having a good sleep, a perfect emotional health, in short, all things that allow our immune system to be 100% efficient. That the ideal world. I often have clients showing up for an EFT session with a cold. That was not the topic they intended for the session, but they are ready to give it a go anyway. This article includes detailed tapping scripts to help you to find your own words around this.

Depending on the person, the aspects to tap can belong to different areas. I collected a few that come up often from various case studies, such as symptoms, beliefs, the impact on daily life, or even the very fact to use EFT on a cold. People are usually surprised at first by such an idea, since we are so used to accept a cold as something we have to go through. You will see different ways of thinking in the scripts, since they fit to each of the clients. Remember to use your own vocabulary if and when you need this.

About symptoms:
We all have our own version of it: running nose, sore throat, coughing, the feeling we're not 100% upbeat. Here is one example:

Even though I don't feel right and I hate feeling like this, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I have shivers, and it is most unpleasant, I allow my body to heal thanks to its inner resources.
Even though I don't feel right and I have no energy, I would love to be open to the possibility that this is only temporary and my body can recover on its own sooner than later.

Not feeling right... no energy... get back to health fast and naturally?... sounds too good to be true.... I really feel bad.... shivers... stiff body... no energy... all the signs of a good cold or the beginning of a flu... I would love to be able to allow my immune system to take over and help my body to recover very fast.

Or another one:

even though anything I swallow hurts, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though anything I swallow is difficult in passing, whether it's liquid, solid, or even just air, I did all that I had to do on the physical side (clothing, food, rest, maybe medication) and I wonder if I could also help at the energetic and emotional level.
Even though I can't swallow anymore, maybe I'm fed up having to swallow too much, I choose to swallow what's good for me, food, air, or ideas and feelings. I allow my immune system to easily heal my throat.

I usually focus on 1 or 2 mains symptoms. The generalisation effect then provided improvement for other symptoms.

About beliefs
You might hear (particularly from some ad campaigns), that it is the season of the common cold. You might also hear "don't get out without a hat, you'll get a cold", or "there's an epidemic out there. Everybody is getting it". Sometimes, we could feel we "have to" get a cold (subconsciously, of course). So many people expect it from us, don't they? If our immune system was at its top, would we get any cold at all? The idea is not to ignore basic rules about hygiene, but more to defuse the running negativity on the topic.

Even though it's OK to get a cold at this time of the year, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though almost everybody gets a cold at this time of the year, I accept who I am and all of my feelings.
Even though it's usual to get a cold, and it's not that bad, I'd love to be open to the possibility that I can get through winder without any cold at all from now on.

It's OK to get a cold... everybody gets it... almost everybody... it's winter... temperature differences between inside and outside.. there's less sun...

Until this person was ready to consider the situation from a different angle:

however I actually don't get a cold every winter... and my friend Tom never had a cold as far as I know... what if it wasn't that mandatory? What if I could go through winter in perfect health? Even though this sounds very unlikely, I am open to the possibility that Hippocrates was right.. "Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.".. I welcome with gratitude these natural forces within me, and their capacity to heal this cold easily, fast and naturally, thank you!

About the impact on everyday life
The cold is not a nice experience for ourselves, but I often come across people who ignore the symptoms to keep going on their daily life, particularly when it is about taking care of the children or others. It is true that choices are not always available.
The following person is particularly adamant that she has to help others before herself. She got her cold from other people, and her energy level was extremely low when we started. Actually, this is a Skype client, and if it hadn't been on Skype, I'm not sure she would have gone out for it.

Even though I was close to infected people, and it is getting worse, and I am ready to do it again tomorrow, even if I get to the bottom of my strength. As long as it is to serve others. I accept who I am and all of my feelings.
Even though I was in touch with infected people and my immune system did not resist, and I will keep helping others anyway, I wonder if I could also offer love and understanding, and maybe even a little bit of energy to MY immune system?
Even though it really didn't work for me to be close to sick people, looks like I have to rebuild my strength, but I will ignore all warnings so I keep helping others, I accept who I am and what I feel and I am open to the possibility that there is an efficient solution for the good of all concerned, including me.
I really do feel bad... I caught all the viruses from others... I'm used to it, I always catch everybody else's problems.. people come to me to share their problems... they know I'm always available... I didn't think it was affecting me... but it sounds like my immune system set the alarm bell ringing... maybe it is fed up helping everybody else? Maybe it needs a little Tender Loving Care too?
I don't know how to do this. I do my best, I'd love to be able to help everybody, but my immune system says no today. I want to help the world, but it looks like my body is not entirely up to it today.
Even though I don't feel my best, maybe I can get back on track. Even though I'm used to ignoring my own symptoms so I am more available to others it doesn't seem to be working today. If tomorrow I'm coughing to death deep in my bed, I won't be able to help Mr Smith. Maybe I should cancel this, or maybe my immune system can get back up, I really don't know.
Whatever happens, I choose to trust that a solution will appear, to everybody's benefit, including me. Thank you!

This person sent me an email the next day. Her energy level, which had considerably improved during our time together, had kept going up. The next day, her morale and energy levels were fully back to normal and she has been able to help "Mr. Smith".

About using EFT for a cold:
Tapping on the general weakness that applies to a common cold usually helps, but it's rarely the opportunity for a "one minute wonder". I usually finish on that topic with something like this:

Even though I don't know how to measure my improvement, I could accept the possibility that my body is improving even if I don't see it right now, and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


Even though I don't suddenly feel much better, I am open to the possibility that my immune system can recover on its own as soon as I authorise it to do so, and I deeply and completely love and accept myself no matter what.

Another way would be to identify every improvement and make it look bigger, a way to "motivate" the immune system. Here are a few usual set-ups:

Even though I still feel my throat is irritated and it won't heal just like that, I need to leave a bit of time for my body to heal, at least I feel like enjoying talking again, and I'm grateful for this.
Even though my throat still feels rough and prickling, it hurts less and I remain completely open to the possibility that I can let go of ALL the prickling, whenever I am ready. I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.
Even though my voice is still hoarse, my energy level went up and I accept who I mam and what I feel no matter what.
Even though my nose is still a bit blocked, I ma grateful I can give this little help to my immune system and I choose to accept who I am and what I feel.

It's also a good idea to acknowledge everything that was done other than EFT to speed up healing

... maybe I demanded too much from my body... maybe I didn't give if enough vitamins, or enough love... I did my best with my diet.. I took the medication I needed and I allow my body to use it to the nest of its healing abilities.. I did all I could on the physical side... Maybe I just need to give more love and understanding to my body... maybe there is a need for emotional healing in my throat... now that I nourished my body to the best of my abilities, I choose to nourish it emotionally and energetically.

Sometime I also use Ho'oponopono, focussing on various elements and aspects:

my immune system I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you
my throat./nose... all the cells in my throat/ nose... my pharynx / larynx/trachea... all my swallowing system...
all the people who are in my situation right now... all the people I gave the virus to... All the people who might have given me their virus... maybe without my being aware of it.
And even though I don't really feel good, I offer my body all the time and love and energy it needs to be beautifully healthy. Thank you!

Even if we rarely get a minute wonder, symptoms have usually alleviate, energy and morale go up nearly always on the spot, and these people report that they healed faster than they expected.

So remember, try tapping on everything!