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EFT is a precious addition to your first aid kit. Impossible to forget it, it's always available. It doesn't weight anything in your pocker either. Here are three examples on how you can ue it : burn, bruises, and insect sting. Try is in any case!


A first example was when I was refilling the wood stove and stupidly put my finger on the hot part of the door. A nice smell of burned meat came up, and I showed the top of my finger to my daughter: it turned white, hard and looked like calluses. I didn't really feel it at this stage (I think it was more or less dead), but as a piano player, I wasn't very happy to be without feeling at the top of one finger. My daughter looked sorry for me (Mum, do you REALLY think this can help?) as I started tapping 2 rounds without talking. As I say,  there was no real pain, but still, the next day, I had forgotten about the whole thing, and my finger was perfectly normal. If my daughter hadn't witnessed it, I would have thought I had had a bad dream. It was as if it never happened. And similar situation happened many times over the past years since...



I was collecting some fire wood with some friends. We were transferring the wood down a hill through a human chain, throwing (carefully) the logs from John to Paul and from Paul to myself. At some stage, I picked up a log I had let fall and the same time the other person was throwing me a new log. That was a bad idea, and I received the new log straight in my face, full strength. That DID hurt a lot. Of course, we were away from the first aid kit again. I quickly removed my working glove and started tapping, focusing on "that pain, the bruise, won't look good on my face, I'm sooo stupid, that pain..". As for the wood stove episode, there was no need of an initial statement there, since I was again right in the center of the issue! I kept tapping for a good 5-10 minutes as I could feel the pain regressing. We then resumed the work to the amazement of my co-workers.

Next day, I had only a tiny 1cmx3mm bruise just under the eye, where my whole face should have been marked. I was again amazed and delighted to have this magic tool in my fingers!



Walking on the grass with very light shoes, I felt a sudden and violent pain in my right big toe. I was speaking with a friend, and I stopped immediately, looking for what caused that pain. My friend actually spotted the bee, which was recovering a few centimers away from my feet, since I had (involuntarily) sent it away with my other foot while trying to get rid of the pain. I found and easily removed the bee part in my foot. We were arriving to the car, so while my friend started driving, I went on tapping continuously. The pain was sharp, and I must have tapped for around 3-4 minutes without discontinuing. Even though I didn't really follow set sentences, I focussed on a few ideas, including forgiving the bee, which only tried to protect itself, asking the bee for forgiveness, since after all, I had hurt it too, and doing my best to live in harmony with my whole environment. The pain subsided completely. I never felt it again. Actually, once more, if I hadn't had a witness, I would have thought that I had just had a bad dream. When I consider the reactions some people around me had to bee stings, the itching which last days and sometimes weeks, I'm even more grateful to have EFT at the tip of my fingers.

Many years later, I witnessed the beauty of EFT again in an emergency situation for a friend who'd had multiple wasps stings.

I could go on for another few opportunities (oven burn, iron, twisted ankle...), but I guess you get the idea. EFT is the best first aid kit I know of, at least for these minor issues. Do consult your GP for any medical issue, though!