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Emilie is a very mature 8 years old girl. With a depressive mother, she sometimes has to tame matters into her own hamds. As I called her mum on Skype to know how she is, Emilie answers. She complains about a cold which "happens every week end". And she's love to see the end of it!

She'd do "anything to get rid of this annoying sickness". I tell her I might have a solution, but she probably wouldn't like it. She keeps saying she's ready for anything, and after resisting for another 4-5 minutes, I finally start talking about "magic fingers". She immediately connects it with what Mum does, and as I explain briefly where the points are and what to say, she quickly takes the lead : "you know, I know the points now, there's no need for you to repeat them all the time". So much for her needing my help!

Even though my nose is blocked, I'm a nice little girl (her words)
Even though my nose is still blocked...
Even though I'm coughing...

There's some progress, not great. I know Emilie also has some trouble at school. I talk to her about Ger's story, briefly, without putting too much emphasis on it.

Emilie's mum is still not home, and, typical 8 year old way, Emilie decides she's had enough and hangs up with a very short good-bye. I had just about enough time to explain to her that, for it to work, she really needed to do it every 30 minutes until her nose and cough were cleared. Had she been an adult, I would have pursued now and then, but in this case, that was the best way I could find for her to actually get some benefit.

And then, no news. I know from her mum that she did tap a couple of times that day, but no more.

I really though I'd "missed" with Emilie. Until 1 month later.

As I was talking to her mum, she burst out laughing : "I have to tell you, Emilie is talking about "magic fingers" to everybody! Her day care person, her teacher at the Circus school..." And she goes on describing the opportunities she had to see her daughter advertise EFT, including people's reaction, dismissive to start with and then unconvinced and eventually curious.

Emilie is very confident and convincing ("it healed my blocked nose, you see, and mum cries far less since she's been doing magic fingers"). People end up wondering if this really is just child talk or if there's more to it. Then they talk to her mum, who can talk about her own experience. 

I was really thinking Emilie hadn't heard me. But I had forgotten how powerful EFT can be, and how a child can recognise something that makes her fell good!