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Jessica tapped to be OK "While she was in the office" That's exactly what she got, the overwhelm returned as soon as she left the office!

Jessica was reasonably used to EFT and had reached a stage where she could help herself on many issues. However, as it happens, she was now facing an issue she couldn't deal with on her own. She had planned to get some help, but before that time, she still had to go to work in the morning. She told me that as she was in the car, getting to her office, she could feel the issue lingering around, she felt shaky, and about to burst into tears any minute.

She wasn't ready to allow this to happen while she was in the office. So she started tapping :  

"even though I feel like I'm going to cry any minute and I feel really exhausted, and I have things to deal with, I know I cannot do anything about it right now, so I choose to be efficient and to smile while I'm the office, and to keep my tears for later, when it will actually be useful and I will have some help around".

She started to feel calmer after about 2 rounds like this. Just as well, since she was arriving at her office. The morning went fine, she didn't even think of the issue, and said she got some work done. So she was quite happy when she opened the door of the office... until she did step out of the office and she immediately started shaking again! By the time she had reached her car, she was in tears.

Well, you have to admit, her subconscious was very obedient, keeping her out of trouble "while she was in the office", as she had wished for, and getting back to its own agenda right after that job was done, letting the tears and shaking go wild again once she'd left the office! If that's not programming her mind (and body, of course), I don't know what it is!!!

So when thinking your statements through, make sure you target a long time resolution, regardless of the situation!

PS: We solved the issue that had triggered all this in 30 minutes, but that's another story!