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It's now over 18 months that I "meet" John weekly on Skype. His wife requested my help to support him, both of them really, with his Alzheimer's Disease.

Each session with me usually brings some sort of improvement in John's behaviour or morale. The improvement might or might not last, from one week to the next. However, John clearly continues to distance himself from our reality. It is obviously very difficult for Mary, but as she puts it "I don't know where I would be if I didn't have EFT!"

Mary uses EFT daily, according to crisis or needs. She uses it to calm her own feelings down, which might be anything, from discouragement to anger. And of course she also uses it to bring peace to John.

She particularly uses an EFT round she calls "one of my secret tools" : the "family round".

Mary taps with John going round on all points, (without starting with the KC point), while describing their family situation. Words and details may vary, but in essence, the round includes the following information :

We live together in our house in G. (with the address)

All the children live in their own homes, and all is well.

Our son Louis is 50; he lives in F. with his wife H, and their kids S., R. and V.

Our daughter etc...{she describes the situation of each child in the same way}

Our friends etc...

All is well, and it's really nice for us here.

Mary always finishes off with a positive touch, reinforcing as much as possible a feeling of security and well-being, an "all is in order" feeling.

Mary uses this round daily, usually to bring John back to physical reality when he asks questions about his children as if they were still living at home. His questions could be something like :

- Is Louis in bed?

- while having diner : "shall we leave some for the children?"

- before he sets the table for diner, nearly for each meal : "how many for lunch today?"

Even though the result is sometimes a bit unexpected, John still knows how to set the table.

Every single time, this short ritual brings John peace and clarity about the situation.

Does this help him in keeping these informations in his memory? It is impossible to say for sure. However, if you read this case by Debra Trojan, or Elaine's case by Virginia McConnell, it's quite possible.

And Mary adds : "As for me, it relaxes me to tap"

Sometimes, John would talk about his brothers and sisters, all passed away, asking for example if one of them would have called on the phone today. Maybe it would help to tap about this, but Mary is a human being, and there's only so much she can put her energy into. She'd rather focus on their own children and grand children, and she simply ignores the comments about the older generation.

Even though EFT is not a "miracle cure", neither is it a substitute for medical or psychological professional care, it seems to greatly help Mary and john on their path. If you have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, or if you're working with Alzheimer's disease patients and you're using EFT, or if you are willing to use it, I'd really appreciate if you could contact me to share "good practices" that you might have identified, and see if Mary's secret tool is of any use to you.

Keep tapping!