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but I personally hear stories and tell stories every day.

Every day, I interpret this information, sometimes without even realising it, the tales I tell, the tales I hear. Sure, my reactions are dictated by the story itself, but also through my own filters. What about you?
Every day these tales feed our vision of life, or more specifically our vision of our life. So the question seems important to me; what story are you telling? What story are you hearing? Is that what you want to tell or to hear?

Let's talk about the story of my last New Year's Eve, for example. I found it very interesting to observe what people were hearing when I was telling the story, according to their own filters. What are your filters?
At the beginning of the year, it is the usual topic : "How was your New Year's Eve"? The politically correct answer is : "It was great".
Actually I consider that my New Year's Eve was actually quite nice, but that is not what everybody thinks.
When I tell that story, the first reaction is usually : "You poor thing"!

Here is what these people hear : "I went to France for Christmas by car, so I had to go on the ferry (since I live in Ireland). In summer time, it is a nice crossing, 18 hours long at best. In this case, we were delayed by 9 hours on the way out, and 24 hours on the way back. Both trips lasted over 20 hours through storms. Because of the delayed return, we actually spent New Year's Eve at sea, in the middle of the storm."
Of course, when you look at it that way, you might think that this is not necessarily very attracting.
Did you observe your own filter when you read this? If you get seasick just thinking about a little wave (start tapping! Particularly on the wrists.) you probably stopped reading or listening already. If seasickness is not your problem, you might not be that concerned with it.

Let's see the second part of the story, the part only few people actually hear the first time, unless I really insist about it.
This New Year's Eve was for me an opportunity for a lot of gratitude.
Gratitude, because I had chosen these circumstances. As anybody who is doing this crossing on a regular enough basis, I knew the risks. I happen to like the sea, including when there is a storm. I know that the crew, the ferry, and the captain, can be trusted. The delays were the results of a thought through decision on their part, the objective being to go through the storm at the best possible time, from a comfort and security point of view. Of course, not everything can be controlled, that's were faith/trust/confidence can be useful!
Gratitude, because I had a cabin and a comfortable bed in which I spent the most “lively” moments being rocked and getting a back massage with each wave! This is also an opportunity to think with compassion about all those who, at this very moment, as you are reading this, are at sea in difficult circumstances, maybe even very difficult, maybe even dangerous. It is time to send them love and light... You might want to use this EFT tapping script right now... What if I could feel love instead of worry?
Gratitude, because I always have all my tools with me of course. At the hardest of the storm, there were a few moments of doubt, or discomfort. There are situations where we need to and have to act when facing a risk. In this specific situation, the best possible action was to remind myself of my trust in the crew and to use whatever I needed at that moment from my toolbox: EFT of course, Tong Ren, Ho'oponopono, affirmations... I see each moment of doubt or discomfort as an opportunity to do a little emotional clean up!
Gratitude, because several times, I caught myself laughing out loud on my own, thinking about the unforgettable scene you can watch on minute 28:20 of this film: The legend of 1900, the pianist on the ocean. It is five minutes long. If you are sensitive to seasickness, tap for the first minute, then you won't even think of it. If you like piano, you might feel like watching the whole film, particularly the duel. Enjoy!
Gratitude, for all those who through the years and more recently shared or are sharing with me all these tools, and allow me to learn a little bit more every day. They will know who they are...
Gratitude because this trip gave me the opportunity to share EFT with other passengers. It is always such a pleasure to see someone smile again after a little tapping.

Let's see again what your filters did let through... What did you take from that story? Seasickness? Or something else? Next time you feel some unwanted feeling when you hear a story, it might be an opportunity to tap for the part of you or the part of your life that triggered this reaction?
The other way around, if a person understands what you are saying in a completely different way from what you want to say, it might actually not be about you or about what you are saying, but about the echo that your story triggers for this person?

Does that give you tapping ideas by any chance?