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Did you ever open a book, watch a film, wear a piece of clothing that you had “forgotten” for a long time, and enjoy it again, in a different way you did before, because you have changed since the past time you used it? We could even think “why on earth did I not do it earlier?” The same feeling you might experience when getting in touch with friends again after a long interruption.

Sometimes, it's not really that we have forgotten “it” for a long time, but quite simply that we never gave it much attention at first glance.

That's what happened to Alice. After the French Congrès Virtuel d'EFT 2014, she bought the package of the conferences recordings, so she could listen to them again and benefit even more in the long run. Every speaker offered a bonus attached to this package. Therefore she received 14 free gifts, including mine, a 40 pages PDF called “Healing Path, Life Path – Road guide for the traveller”.

As we reached a specific point of our work together on her own path, I asked her if she'd used that guide. Not really, but she got curious, and here is the result, one week later.

“When I first opened your bonus, I looked at the table of contents, went through a few pages, and I closed it down. Verdict : interesting, but not a priority.
One week ago, you suggested I'd use it as part of this work we're doing together. Since your advice is usually good, I did it. Not really convinced, but not rejecting it!
What a surprise! It reveals its treasures from the very first pages!
''Traveller's Guide'' is its name. I found it a little bit arrogant.
It deserves it, in the end, I think. It got me right in the heart of “real issues”. Thus it allowed me to unlock an old rusty lock, that has been “over” for over 30 years, but was still so active and painful!!!!”

It looks like it was a fruitful experience. The so-called lock was “simply” that from te time she was a child up into adulthood, Alice's family used to tease her by calling her “Little Genius”, in an mocking and repetitive way. It might sound harmless when we look at it with an adult eye, but this leitmotiv had left a vivid, deep and far reaching open wound in Alice. The term “Little Genius” had thus remained a trigger for suffering over several decades. Things changed though went she decided to use the Guide which had been sitting there in front of her, available. As she puts it so nicely:

“The “Little Genius” - how delightful to have no suffering and enjoy laughing about it – Little Genius, was I saying, made a giant step!”

Amongst the numerous, sudden, varied, sometimes unexpected but always pleasant changes that Alice states after her “unlocking”, we can mention:

- a switch in her relationship with others
“I visited my neighbour just to know how she was!”, “X had nearly developed a rule to avoid me when he would see me. And today, he knew me! Unreal!, “I booked a table tomorrow with sea-view to share diner with Laura.”, I accepted that a friend would come and stay with me for 3 days. And I'm delighted with it! Arg! I am about to become a normal person... So great....”

- A change in her wardrobe content

“Except black and white I only wear/used to wear warm colours. I was nearly unable to wear cold colours. My clothing is currently experiencing an evolutive chromatic mutation! Is that bad? On the contrary! These last months, a little bit, these last days, quite a lot... I bought light green/turquoise, blue, green and violet clothes.And I really feel like wearing them. Quite impossible to conceive of such a short time ago!”)

- A decrease in her symptoms of “Acute Perfectionitis”
“I managed an update on my CV in 10 minutes. It used to take me hours when I had to modify my CV.... One outcome : I take faster decisions.“

The Guide's treasures only appeared to Alice when she used it to uncover her own healing treasures.

So back to you. What can YOU use NOW to move forward on your own path? Take your eyes off the screen, look around you. Could it be that, right under your nose, or not far out, there is a clue to explore, or just an object you don't see anymore, out of habit? What if you looked at it as if it was the first time?

Which new information could you see or hear by opening again a long forgotten book, watching a film, or by getting back in touch with a friend? Or maybe you'd forgotten you can tap :-)

Just a slight warning, a though such as “I SHOULD have done it for a long time” could come near your mind, with attached guilt, sadness or other. If this ever happened, could that be an opportunity to tap and clean something out?