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Well, it is a change from the Incredible Results of EFT, right ?

But then, think about it: the logic really is the same. First we have to listen to what Nature has in store for us: our energy system for EFT, and earth and its products for the Incredible Edible!

Then it is all about sharing: tap with others with EFT to receive, share, give away borrowed benefits, garden with others with the Incredible Edible and receive, share, give away seeds, the pleasure to watch a growing plant, and quality food where it might not necessarily be available.

A few years ago, I was living in an estate in Ireland, and gardening was not part of our neighbours' culture. There was one 5 years old boy specifically who was flabbergasted that we might put in our plates “things” that were growing in soil, such as parsley and thyme form ,y herb garden. His curiosity reached its top when I grew a courgette. I had very little space, so it was just one plant. He was so intrigued that he couldn't resist to checking what this growing long thing was. So one evening I came home to 2 pieces of courgettes. He had split it in two to check it out.

Why wouldn't we reintroduce a form of vegetable farming into cities, so these curious city kids get answers in a clever way? This initiative started in Todmorden, England gathers “passionate people working together for a world where all share responsibility for the future wellbeing of our planet and ourselves.

We aim to provide access to good local food for all, through

working together

learning – from field to classroom to kitchen

supporting local business”

This “utopia” Is spreading fast in the world, practically, and efficiently. Even local policemen seem quite happy with their new edible landscape!

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