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where it stayed perfectly closed for about 6 months (thanks to a very patient library that allowed me to attain such an achievement!!)

I was quite afraid... to read it. Don't ask why, we're not talking logic of the mind here, but logic of the feelings.

Until one day, I had to face it. A book would not bite me. And even if nobody knew it, it wouldn't look very good (to me) to give the book back without even opening it. And in fairness, the library started to be demanding about the book, as you would expect. Once I opened it, I read it cover to cover and loved it.

I liked that it was straight to the point. Yes, I am afraid (for example, about opening certain book!). May the first person who never had a fear that they later acknowledged as unfounded and stupid, judge me!

Here is an exercise for you (only if you feel like it, of course). Draw 3 columns on a piece of paper. On the left, list a few fears, as precise as possible. In the middle, list the worst that can happen. On the right, list the best that can happen. Here you go, you have a nice list of tapable issues, and you're ready to use Tip-to-tap #6!

Everybody feels fear at some stage. I remember when I was working in the corporate world, hearing about a very serious, esteemed, supposedly solid financial director, who fainted just as he was about to address a committee. If that was not fear, what timing... In Hélène's case, fear was ruling her life.

So about Susan Jeffers, I then registered for her newsletter. I enjoyed her common-sense, her lively stories, her generosity, that transpired in so many small stories, her tips, affirmations etc..

Susan passed away last year. She left behind a whole infrastructure of teachers following her discoveries and quite a few books. Even though I didn't read them all, I trust that you'd enjoy every one of them. She has been a very good source of inspirations, which would well help you identify what frightens you, so what you could tap on...

So, what are you afraid of?