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whether we use Matrix Reimprinting or regular EFT, we still have the possibility to find relief, even though the road towards it sometimes feels long and winding. Returning to the source gives us an interesting bonus though, allowing us to unplug any potential future similar stress!:-)

A lot of trauma, whether small "t" trauma or big "T" Trauma,happen around school, whatever the age. What about tapping them out right when it happens, or at least as soon as possible after that? Here are a few ideas to help our children.

- Facilitate EFT at school:

All around the world, EFT is more and more present at school. I enjoy watching this video and sharing this teacher's smile every single time. Look around you, you might well find a practitioner who is specialising in children and who is available to help your children, maybe directly within the school itself. 

- Tap to help the child (or teen, or young adult student...)

Here are two free tapping scripts which could inpire you. The first one Learn easily, might help the focus when learning and doing homework.
The second one, Ready to sit the exam!, is aimed at the preparation of final exams.
Adapt these to your needs, they only provide guidance and support.

- Share your successes!

In my experience, "do what I say, not what I do" doesn't get us very far. ON the other hand, lead by example can open many more doors. Here are examples that can help you or your children.

Tessa was only 9 when 2 EFT sessions got her back to the grades she expected. Il is interesting to note in this case that nobody was to "blame". It simply happened in the school environment. Read more i

Norma is a mature student, but she shows us that the stress of exams can be removed even before the exam. In this case, it's even more stressful than sitting an exam, as she had to present her work in front of a jury. Read more

Ger is no longer at school, but his experience of school and the work we did about it might bring some light on situations you or your children might be experiencing. Read more.

Parents, teachers, uncles, aunts, grand parents, or simply friends, and particularly when you already know in your own experience what EFT can bring you, I hope this reading comes just at the right time to allow you to help our children to build a better world, starting with their own joy and peace!