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For a lot of people, maybe for everybody, the initial reaction might be overwhelm, powerlessness, sadness, anger, resentment (why us?), despair. But beyond the shock of the diagnosis, as always, we have a choice: stay with the overwhelm and take this situation as a burden, or take it as a love challenge?

To be honest, I don't know what my own reaction would be, but I know what I would like it to be. I would like it to be just like Lou's parents. I don't know them or their story, but when I saw the video below, what I saw was a teenager. A different teenager, indeed. A teenager with a gift. We all have gifts. Our role is to find them and nurture them. In an ideal world, our parents, teachers, friends can show us how to do this and we can accept that guidance. What I see in that song is just that, the result of the perfect and loving match between parents and their child, creating a beautiful person, an opportunity for love and creativity.

It does take courage to get to such a result. Where could you find the courage, if it was not in love itself?

I don't know anybody who was not touched at some level when they listened to this song. Some cried, some just found it beautiful or thought provoking. If this triggers a reaction in you, I'd suggest tapping while watching it, and repeating the song until you clear whatever feelings were triggered.

Note we all react according to our own world. We might feel that our parents did not efficiently help us to nurture our gifts. Does it mean that they didn't give their best with their knowledge and abilities, emotional and otherwise? Plus, it takes two teams to play. What if we hadn't been ready to receive their nurturing at the time? Whatever others do, in the end, we are the only ones who can nurture our own gifts. So if you don't know your gift yet, or didn't dare nurturing it and giving it to the world, could now be a good time to find out and share? And by the way, there are as many gifts as there are human beings. That gives quite a large catalog to choose from! Some have the gift of listening to others, some have the gift to create joy around them, some have the gift to fix engines, some have the gift to organise things, some have the gift to cook... What's yours?

Many thanks to Lou for this beautiful song, words and music, and thanks to his parents and anybody who participated in creating the video and making it available to us across the language barrier.