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Step 2 : Activate Forgiveness and Letting go.

Here you go, I just dropped two explosive words in one go! Forgiveness and Letting go?!?!?

Explosive concepts which come back over and again in nearly each case study you will find on my website or anywhere else.

Forgiving yourself, or others. A step that can sometimes seem impossible. Ans still...

Maybe you already heard about the beautiful work Dr Lory Leyden initiates a few years ago in Rwanda, with genocide survivors? In (very) short, it started with introducing EFT to to groups of these survivors, who witnessed or went through the worst you can imagine, rape, torture, murder. And so on... I am not talking about this to darken your day, but to illuminate it. The result of these sessions soon became apparent, and an unthinkable thing started to happen : forgiveness! These young adults, who survived the unforgivable... managed to forgive! As Lory says it, if THEY can forgive, then here is a path to world peace. And it doesn't stop there! The programme now evolved towards a social and economical rebirth for a generation which could have been a lost generation. You can learn more there.

But back to the point, and more specifically to YOUR past and future year, did you experience forgiveness last year? If no example is coming to mind, would you be open to considering the possibility of forgiveness to open this new year?

Maybe a few practical examples could help to illustrate my point.

Think about Julia and the anger she kept locked in her shoulder for 5 years before she could be freed by forgiveness, think about Emma who let go of her fear of relapse for the cancer she got out of, think about Sue who ended over 45 years of hidden suffering, think about Anna who let go of the belief that she had to suffer after her surgery, Hélène who stopped trying to impose her thinking on the world around her, Laetitia forgiving her mother after her mother's passing, Marguerite who “used” forgiveness to lessen her allergic symptoms and treatments, or Tessa, 8, who forgave herself for her past mistake and got back to amazing school reports (not to mention her mum who let go of an old failure memory in the process, a lovely case study if you haven't already read that one!). The list is endless. But forgiveness is not necessarily easy, and can even be dangerous if we try to “impose” it before we are ready, as Caroline's story is teaching us.

So forgiveness and letting go are really actions that can uncover treasures of wellbeing and relief.

So think back to your past year. Could you identify 10 situations or people (including yourself) that you might have forgiven or let go? That can include disease and symptoms, Incidentally, when I researched how EFT can help relief in the case of Lyme disease recently, I discovered from Claudia Schecter that forgiveness, there too, is a key step towards healing.

So as for step 1, take your time with this, find 10 things/people/situations where you have applied forgiveness or which you have let go of during the past year, of which you hare ready to consider for this coming year

Write them down and... tap along! One point per event/situation, in front of the mirror would be a good idea.

In my case it could be :

Top of the head: “Christine, I forgive you for having taken sooo long before you got to your ideal eating pattern!” (I had learned a long time ago about the really bad impact of sugar on morale and physical health, and I had learned in 2013 about the incredible benefits of fasting, but it took me all that time to find my perfect fit and put it in place... It didn't really prevent me from a few excesses these last days by the way, but I know that can be easily corrected, so I am ready to forgive myself for that too and put my energy into correcting the situation!

Eyebrow: “Christine, I forgive you for your 15th Birthday!” Ah ah! I bet you are wondering what this could be about? Well, maybe you'll learn about it during the year...

Side of the eye: “Christine I forgive you for your delays in publishing your newsletter!” (Remember, I told you yesterday that this part would be in step 2! Here we go!

Handing it back to you!!

So get your pen and paper, go through your grudges and angers and resentments and beliefs, those you released over the past year and and others... A good way to begin a year, don't you think?

See you tomorrow for step 3!