You have unlocked knots I didn't suspect I had.
I really wanted to thank you specifically for these few months we spent together. Our story began during the "Congrès EFT 2014" (A French telesummit about EFT, where Christine was speaking about "Healing as an Illusion"). I was tapping along with you, you didn't know of this. You didn't know that somewhere in the USA, somebody was crying, letting her emotions out through your talk and tapping. Then I looked you up on the internet, and found you. There is no such thing as "chance". Our first mail exchanges immediately clicked, and I embarked with you for this beautiful adventure in June 2014. Those Skype meetings were filled with emotions and discoveries about myself. Being able to listen to the sessions afterwards gave me the opportunity to realise : "Well, now I don't even understand why I was ever thinking this!". This is telling me that "I am actually healed". I couldn't say which is the most beautiful gift you gave me : the reconciliation with my sister, or understanding the origin of my angers, or accepting the Nathalie I was then and the Nathalie I am now, or accepting deep inside my father's death, even though I thought I had accepted it. Thank you for all these discoveries, they will allow me to continue to move on even more positively. You have unlocked knots I didn't suspect I had. Today, I feel serene and at peace in my mind and body. Thank you Christine for this support on my path towards peace and well being.