What is really important in our life? Where are our priorities? What directions could we take? Is there really no hope with terminal cancer? What could we do? Could there be a reason for all our diseases and problems? So many questions we all ask ourselves at some stage. You might know Anita Moorjani from her text about "Being loving or being love" that you can find here. She might have lived through an extraordinary experience, but more importantly, she beautifully shares her message here. You might want to tap while watching?
This teacher's words talk for themselves : " I couldn't believe it when I began ... I was very wary...It really took risks...we have seen impressive changes...it's about supporting each other... directly task oriented...many colleagues called me crazy.... change in the kids' focus... some of my colleagues ...start tapping..." Enjoy!

This video was put together by EFT founder Gary Craig. If you're new to EFT, your initial reaction might be similar to mine : too good to be true.... However, worth investigating...
This has nothing to do with EFT, but everything to do with health. Explore integrative oncology with physician, neuroscientist, cancer patient and author of the bestselling book, "Anticancer: A New Way of Life." Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. 1 hour well worth the watch.