Everybody is celebrating a new year with Joy. Really? Sometimes, all is not "la vie en rose", and we don't really feel the energy to celebrate as expected. Here are a few ideas to tap and find (back) this will to move forward to a new step with joy. It can be the end of a calendar year, or maybe the school year, a birthday or a Happy (wedding, child's birth) of not-so-happy (divorce, death, separation...) anniversary. This could be a really good time to clean up your memories, recycle or throw away the "bad memories" and anchor the "good memories" in yourself. They represent so many sources of joy that will always be available to you. So, what did these last 12 months bring you? If you were to list 10 good or even great memories, what would you write down? What about 10 not-so-good memories? Thinking about each of these memories, good or bad, what are you feeling RIGHT NOW? You could even attach an intensity to it. E.g.

Bad memories: the argument with X when they......, sadness, 8, Y's passing or leaving, anger, 9, that really dark day when..., frustration,  6...

Good memories: A moment of really good fun with A or B (family, friends, co-workers...), joy, 8, that drawing or DIY project made by a child or grand child, sweet, 7. A really good day, peaceful and sift, serenity, 8...., a nice movie, book, conference....

Of course, if you could really choose, the "bad memories" would be gone forever, and you would only keep the good ones (go on, look a bit closer, good memories are there, find them!) What if you were the one to decide to step forward towards this happy choice? Take your twi lists, your fingers, and here you go:

Even though I have all these bad memories from the last 12 months, I also have nice ones, and I deeply and completely love and accept myself, with the good and the bad memories. Even though all these unpleasant things happened during the last 12 months, today, I am choosing to smile on my past year, and to love and accept myself. Even though it's impossible to unload all this weight in one go, I could let go of a small part of it now. I'll deal with the rest of it later...

It is now time to get on with the actual rounds, one negative round, one positive one. Fro example:

Even though "bad memory #1" leaves me with so much {anger, sadness, powerlessness... pick your choice!}  I am now choosing to breathe and let go of 1% of this {anger, sadness, powerlessness... }. I'll deal with the rest of it later, when the time will be right for me.

Breathe deeply in and out, move on to the next tapping point, and the next "bad memory". For each memory, take the time to banter on all that you dislike about it, its heaviness, etc... When you're done with the "bad memories", "move on to the good ones.

Thankfully, I also have "good memory #1", and it gives me much {joy, happiness, well-being... }

ON each tapping point, think of a happy memory, breathe in more of the nice feeling, and spread it around you when breathing out. You could give more detail on what this happy memory represents for you. Last tap on the top of the head:

Today, I'm welcoming each and every part of me, which lived through all this, and I am eager to find out all the happy surprises that are awaiting me in the next 12 months and more.

Look at your lists again. How did things change? Has intensity changed on some of these memories? Maybe you can look differently at the "bad memories"? Did you find other things, good or bad, to add to the lists? More "stuff" to tap away? Maybe now would be a good time to do a thorough annual emotional clean up? You might want to add to the list of happy memories too. You could copy that list onto your gratitude journal, or leave it somewhere visible. It might come handy when the day is not too bright and you could benefit from retrieving peace and joy from that list? I'd suggest to use this tapping for a few days, and keep track of your feelings. When you will be done with it, when you'll be free from any "bad" emotional charge, and able to keep your focus on the "good" one, put those lists aside and give yourself a date in 6 months time to revisit them. See then how your feelings about theses memories have evolved. You might discover that "bad memories' where hiding "good stuff" and rereading your list of "good memories" might even give you a boost of renewed energy! Variations
  1. You could also do a full round on each memory, describing all the attached details, words, looks, gestures, sounds, tastes, scenery, feelings... For example: “bad memory 1” leaves me with so much {anger, sadness, powerlessness... }  they said.... I felt..... When they did this..... I was so cold.... ..... However, I am now choosing to breathe and let go of 1% of this {anger, sadness, powerlessness... }. I'll deal with the rest of it later, when the time will be right for me. On the next round, get on to "bad memory 2" etc... Then move on to the good memories! "good memory #1" gives me much {joy, happiness, well-being... } they said.... I felt..... When they did this..... it felt so good....I am now choosing to deeply breathe in all this well-being and to feed it to each of my cells!On next round, deal with "bad memory #2", and so on.
  2. You could also, on each point, balace one "bad memroy" with a positive aspect of it, or a good memory. Even though "bad memory #1” leaves me with so much {anger, sadness, powerlessness... } cI am now choosing to focus my attention on the {joy, happiness, well-being... } I'm getting from "good memory #1" On the next point, balance "bad memory  #2" with "good memory #2" and so on.
  3. This process can also be used on a monthly basis, helping you to reach full awareness of your progresses on your life path.

Your choice depends on the intensity you are still feeling on the "bad memories". Follow your inspiration.

Did this help?  Share your experience below or feel free to contact me for any questions.