With nearly any new “tapper”, the same question comes up at some stage : I don't know what to say when I tap! When working with a practitioner, they use their knowledge, training and experience, playing with EFT's many aspects and subtleties to get faster results. So when you are on your own, it can be difficult to know how to come about this. I am offering here a very simple basic structure you can play with.

One round on the issue  -  one round positive/negative  -  one round all positive.

Do adapt to your situation. If the « all positive » really is too much for you at this stage, stay on the issue a bit longer. Here is the example of a person who just went through a surgery and is tapping to improve the healing.

Karate Point : . Even though the scar is tender and sensitive, I deeply love and accept myself Even though the scar is painful, I would like to be open to the possibility that I can heal easily and rapidly. Even though the scar is painful, I authorise my cells to rebuild themselves in a healthy, fast and and easy way.

Negative round : this is really painful it's very tight, I'm afraid I might pull something I can't move it's stinging and it's hurting I really can't move it is painful when I turn around like a red pain I can't deal with this And it will last for weeks

Positive/negative round: This is so painful When I tap however it does feel better They told me it would take a long time to heal and be painful. The surgeon doesn't know EFT, but I do! all this pain I'd love to be open to the possibility that I can heal, pain-free but pain is part of the healing process even if I'm not that sure of it anymore... I still feel the pain right now

Positive round: I'm also beginning to feel some improvement. I am really grateful that the pain is decreasing Actually it's not as strong as I thought it would be I am choosing now to see every cell heal and see every layer rebuilding itself. in my muscles, my bones, my nerves I am choosing to trust my self-healing ability I am grateful for every small improvement and I'm choosing to guide my healing with love in my body, mind and spirit. Thank you!

Remember that you CANNOT go wrong. Your words are the best words for you. It's only a matter of being yourself, as if you were talking to a close friend you know you can trust no matter what. Play with it! And see where it takes you...

Of course, this does NOT replace any required medical care in relation to your condition.

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