The surest way for EFT "not to work", is not using it! This tip-to-tap is more aimed at people who are in a long lasting disease situation, but it can also apply to other situations. We can use EFT once and forget about it. How can we make sure we really give it a chance? Sometimes, particularly in the beginning, it can be difficult to stay motivated, particularly when we tried everything under the sun and the disease is still there, whether it is depression or something else. We don't see that we are moving forward, we feel like nothing is changing. We « forget » the small improvements and get back to focusing on the problem  that has become the center of our lives. It always looks like the glass is half-empty, even when it's actually getting more that half full. If this is your situation, what about finding a way to focus on what's changing? Even is this is not scientifically proven (not yet?), it seems that 30 minutes or daily tapping, divided as you wish, using the words you wish (or no words) can improve your well-being. But when you're just starting, 30 minutes... it's overwhelming! So let's start small.  

- Take 2 jars. Label them. Let's say Hope and Light. But you can choose Peter and Paul if you prefer.

- Fill in “Hope” with marbles, stones, buttons, pearls, whatever is inspiring (please avoid grains of sand!)

- Every time you tap, take a marble from Hope and put it in Light.

It won't tell you what to tap on, but it will show you that you are putting your routine in place. This is just one way to feed your motivation in a visual way.

You can also have only the “Light” jar and position a notebook or a few papers close by, on which you'll jot something down when you realise that tapping has actually helped you. E.g.”Thursday 5th Jun, Anger subsided :-)”.

Once all the marbles have moved from Hope to Light, or the Light jar is full, take a few moments to think about what's improved in your life recently. In this case, ignore the negative, focus on the positive. You'll get plenty of time to get back to what you still need to work on. For now, it is important for you to realise that things are indeed moving forward for you, and that you ARE taking action.

If the jars are not inspiring to you, just tick boxes on a piece of paper or a notebook, or a white board. Find a visual way to prove to yourself that you are doing something for yourself.

Even is these techniques seem childish and not very serious, you might get hooked. We all have a child in us. Actually, most of the time, this child is the one still suffering in our adult life. Until we take care of him or her. So let him or her play a bit?

Did this help?  Share your experience below or feel free to contact me for any questions.

PS: Additional “eco-tip” (ecoLogical and ecoNomical) to stick a label on a glass jar or metal container, no need for glue or sticky tape. Take a regular piece of paper, soak the unwritten face in a saucer with milk in it, apply carefully that face on the jar or container, wipe the remains of milk, let it dry, and voilà!