You'd like to commit to using EFT on a regular basis, but at the beginning, it can be challenging to find what to tap on, what words to use. There's a very simple solution to that problem : tap anyway, not words required!

1. Tap routinely : after you brush your teeth, before or after lunch or diner, when you get up, when you're going to bed, just stop for a minute or two, and tap all points (starting on the top of the head, going down through each point, and finishing on the top of the head). On each point, take a deep breathe in and out.

You could put a post it, or anything that might remind you of tapping, in strategic places: by your toothbrush holder, by the plates in the kitchen, by your bed-side table...

This has 2 advantages :

- it gives you an incentive to actually tap regularly, therefore giving yourself a little break in your day, allowing you to relax and recharge your batteries.

- it helps making the points routine automatic for you, so you can then focus more easily on what you want to say, when you're ready.

2. Tap when something bothers you: when something is "pushing your buttons", stop for a few minutes, go to the loo if you can and if it's the best way to get a few minutes alone, and just tap, focusing on whatever happened. You might find yourself feeling calmer after a few minutes tapping, so you can start thinking more clearly about your reaction to whatever happened, and any solution.

Did this help?  Share your experience below or feel free to contact me for any questions. Thank you.