For any beginner EFT-er (a.k.a. "tapper"), or even seasoned ones, it comes a point when we don't really know what to say while tapping. Actually the most asked questions I receive are "what do I say when I tap?", or any variation of "it that OK if I say this?"

Remember that EFT is a very forgiving process.

You simply CANNOT get it wrong.The worst that can happen is not being as efficient as it could be. It's call learning process :) And that learning process is a lifelong activity! Just be gentle with yourself. That's the only MUST.

To help you find inspiration, I put together my Tips-to-Tap, literally, tips to help you use tapping in a practical way. Feel free to adapt them in your own way, these are only suggestions and ideas for you to develop your own practice.
Feel free to contact me here for any questions.
Happy Tapping!