FIRST OF ALL, let me ask you this : if this reaction was triggered by the tapping, does that mean that tapping has an action?

Assuming you answer positively, if tapping can create one reaction, could it also create the opposite reaction?

This is a bit like a screwdriver. This is a very useful tool. However if you are trying to unscrew something by turning clockwise, my experience tells me that you will get really annoyed, and be disappointed at the result. You have to turn the right way round. Let's see how you could tap “the right way round”!


So here is my 2 steps answer.

1. Calm down this uncomfortable reaction as fast as possible


If you have created such a reaction while tapping on your own, it is very important that you focus on your breathing. Your triggered this reaction by tapping, you can reverse it by tapping. Here are a few suggestions to help you :

- Keep tapping, it is important to focus on your breathing. Breathe as calmly as possible.

- Remain on the same tapping point for the duration an inhale and exhale, then get to the next tapping point for the next inhale-exhale.

- Keep your eyes open, focus your gaze on something around you, an object, a colour that is calming you.

- Feel your feet on the floor, the seat beneath you.

- You can also stand up and open up your shoulders if this is possible for you.

- Repeat and visualise a word or a short sentence that suits you : “I am safe here and now”, love, calm, serenity... That will keep you r mind busy with a specific and constructive task, and help prevent it to go into all sorts of not-that-nice scenarii.

- Gently press on the inside of one of your wrists, using th e thumb on your other hand, or gently tap the inside of each wrists on each other. This is the point used by wristbands you can buy for car sickness.

- You can also this emergency point. Hold the place at the basis of your thumb and index, just between the two, with the thumb and index of the other hand.

Once you're feeling calm again, we can move on to step two.


2. What really happened?

It is more than likely that a word or a specific energy point got back to the surface the memory of a shock, a trauma, a memory which is particularly difficult to you.

This memory came up strongly enough to trigger a physical reaction (in this case, nausea), but not strongly enough to allow you to identify it clearly right now.

Every case is different, but this kind of reaction is usually tied to a a memory we might block because it can be too painful.

You can ask yourself a few questions, using the available clues, that is nausea, clue number 1, and the topic you were tapping about, clue number 2, in this case, it happened while tapping on neck flexibility, the ability to trun around, and maybe extend the visal spread. Here are a few suggestions :

- What did you not digest in your life? (this free tapping script could be useful here).

- When did a situation or a person make you feel nauseous?

- What is heavy on your stomach?

- What can't you swallow?

- Did you ever look away from a situation that you couldn't handle at the time?

- Is there something behind you that frightens you so much that even the idea that you could have to look at it might trigger this nausea?

This list is only a beginning. These are only generic questions. Just reading them might have brought the light on for you, and you know exactly what this is all about. Or maybe not.

We very easily hide to ourselves what really hurts, or we might just ignore it because it seems like an obvious truth to us. Louise's case is a good example. On her own, she would never have considered the possibility that she could actually feel completely relaxed.

Therefore I'd encourage you to further investigate what is hidding behind your reaction, preferably assisted by an EFT practitioner. They will know how to guide you to safely get to beyond this, without reactivating unwanted reaction.


In a nutshell, is is “normal” to feel sick when tapping? Usually not, but when it happens, there is a logical explanation. You “just” have to find it!

What if this was for you the time to let go of a weight you've been carrying around, and take off?

Please consult a physician for any medical issue.

I offer e-mail follow up to my clients, within reason of course. Usually a few minutes are enough to answer and unblock a situation. This e-mail came to me in that context, and it summarises issues which happen more often than not with a lot of people. So I asked the sender, who choose "Sophia" as her pseudo, if I could publish her question, thinking that it might help YOU. If you are reading this now, I imagine that something in the title rang a bell for you?

Here are a few tips on each point.

Hi Christine, well, what I'm doing is not nice,

Nice for whom? For you or for me? You cannot presume what I think. I can choose to read or answer, or not. So I can choose if I find it nice that you're writing or not. What do YOU choose? Are you writing just because you like being "not nice" or for another reason?

For you who are reading this, and maybe don't dare asking for help when things are difficult, whether it's asking a close friend or somebody else, think about this. If you feel safe enough to ask, give the person the authorisation to choose what THEY think of it. If you felt you could trust this person, they will be able to tell you when they can't help. And if they can't, maybe you are giving them an opportunity to learn to define and communicate their own limits? Either way, if asking for help brings guilt, shame or anything else along those lines, this is something you might want to tap on.

I only write when I feel like throwing everything away (EFT rounds, tap tap),

Let the first EFT-er who never went through such a phase stand up! (well, it seems that everybody remains seated!)

This reaction is absolutely normal and happens regularly. I experienced it it, and most of my clients will recognise themselves too!

EFT can lead to wonderful minute-wonders, and we could believe this is the rule and feel impatient when it doesn't happen all the time. The thing is, minute-wonders are an exception, not a rule. Sophia is dealing with a very complex personal history. Even if she has experienced minute-wonders and will probably experience more, she has quite a long list of limiting beliefs and traumas, both old and recent, deep or light enough. It will probably require that she invests her time and energy for a few months of focused tapping, even though anything can happen with EFT, and it could also be faster than we could think. It is normal to feel discouraged at some stage.

If you feel like dropping it all, you have many choices. Here are a few examples (this list is NOT exhaustive). You can:
A - decide that it's really not worth it, and drop this solution. Maybe EFT is not for you, and maybe you'll find YOUR solution somewhere else. Or maybe not. What is your gut feeling?
B - ask yourself what you would say to a dear loved friend who would be in a similar situation: "drop it, you'll never succeed anyway." or something like "I understand it's difficult right now, you feel stuck, it's normal to feel put off. But do you remember that time when you told me how it had really helped? Maybe it's worth giving it another go, just to see what happens?" Remember this is a person you really love, a person you want to help... What would you do? What if that person you love was.. yourself?
C - choose to really get into your anger... and tap along. What if it got you through this?
D - ask yourself if this situation reminds you of another one. You could find a lead on a topic or memory to tap on, that could also solve today's issue?

What other choices can you see?


but if I stop, I'm thinking I'm  useless...

Well... Would that be a judgment you have on yourself? If it is, is it really yours or does it come from another person who taught you this judgment, a person you believed? During the first 6 years of our lives, we are like sponges, we literally absorb whatever "grown-ups" do or say as if it was THE truth. In a perfectly subconscious way, we then replicate what we "learned". A parent or teacher telling you "you are useless", either in a repetitive way or at a moment when you were particularly insecure is enough for you to record this information as a "truth", one of these famous limiting beliefs. And then for you to repeat it to yourself again and again, in a perfectly subconscious way, since it has become an automatic program.

Now that you are aware of it, do you feel like carrying on with this judgment and the feeling it leaves in you, the impact on your morale? Or would you rather change that script? Change the judgement and express something else? E.g. "I have a choice"?

The more you repeat to yourself that you are useless (or ridicule, or guilty, or hopeless, or weak, or that you cannot change etc...), the more you believe it is true, and the more you find ways to prove to yourself that this IS true. Our subconscious mind loves being right and will help us to find proof that what we focus on is real. The typical example is the read cars you spot everywhere when you just bought one.

So since you will be focusing on an idea or dwell on a word, why not make it a nice one? "I feel calm and relax" for example? That's the one I use instead of "I feel nervous" in tense situations. :-) Identify a quality that makes you feel good and that you want to grow. Make it your new chorus line. 


in this situation, my entourage pays for my anger.

Again this is a reaction most people experience. Some say that the best defense is a good offense. While we're busy attacking others, we're sure not to look at our own issues.
Have you ever experienced yourself or seem somebody facing an angry person or even an animal with great calm? Aggressiveness can drop very fast or not that fast. But eventually, it will. Gandhi would be the expert in that area! 
What if this was not about defense? What it the real line of action was to acknowledge your suffering and give yourself love, compassion, kindness, call it whatever you like? Imagine the beloved friend again. You can feed or even deepen their low feelings in an attempt to support them "You are so right to feel low and to drop everything, nothing can help anyway" Is this really helping?

Or, you could help them to see the situation in a different light. Yet another choice...

Just a tip, if you would authorise yourself to tap "just once more", I would advise you to do just this: tap while saying how discouraged, or angry you feel, explore your wish to drop it all, focus on it and tap along. Usually, after a while, the "drop it all feeling" changes, either to direct you to a specific event that requires your attention, or to just collapse on its own. Try it?


Whatever happens, if you kept only one "should" in your vocabulary, it would probably be this one:

You should ALWAYS foster hope, however small it might seem sometimes, and be tenacious on your way towards well being. Whatever tool you are using, you deserve your happiness. Keep going, you will find it on your road, even if it doesn't look like what you originaly thought it would.


Did this help? You can comment here.


"Sophia's" answer could give you a few more ideas

Since I expressed myself to tell you that I was fed up, I'm managing with a few  "taps taps" created here and there, using my feelings, with my words, my instinct.

This situation is happening because, inevitably, something Huge is about to happen, and it's frightening... "Panic on board"!! And as you were saying through your red car example, well, as for me right now, I can't stop creating situations where I can get back to the fact that I am indeed inept, ridicule, useless... In short, these words remain hard to say (despite the routine and tapping round this morning when I woke up). See, I'm not letting go;)
I find your answer perfect, a little bit like a "self-service class", where we can come and pick what's relevant to us in that instant... This article is leaving me with a great freedom, it allows us not to feel guilty, to meet ourselves in a kind of tolerance... I find it very "humble"... I read it quite a number of times before I could give it a meaning... And it brought me peace...

I also feel I have a Great need to express myself, to say when a situation annoys me... Maybe it is because I kept silent for 20 years... Maybe this is the reason that led me to train in NVC (Non-Violent Communication), to allow me to say things without losing people. Know how to say, know how to express... but being able to SAY AND NO LONGER KEEP THINGS WITHIN ME... Pfew!!


Thank you Sophia for sharing

There are many ways to go about it. First, the earlier the better. The more used you are to daily tapping, the faster you'll think of it, the stronger the effect.

Physical symptoms.
You can tap on the instant of the sting:

Even though I could feel the sting, but it was too late, I deeply love and accept myself.
Even though it was soooo painful, and I'll have this for a few days...

But I'd suggest to tap on what you feel right now

Even though I have the scratchy sensation on my arm, ...

The feelings about the moment of the sting... and the future
What was happening at the very minute of the sting or bite? Were you already in a “bad mood”? Why? You might have seen the insect, tried to chase it away, unsuccessfully apparently! That could make you slightly angry at the culprit (or at yourself?):

Even though I could see it coming, this thing was after me, I know it was targeting me...
Even though I'm furious, it doesn't really make it any easier at all, what if I let the anger go? I wonder if the sting would be easier to cope with?

You might have taken some kind of inconsiderate risk.

Even though I was so stupid to walk there, no wonder it stung me....

You might have been taken completely by surprise:

Even though I didn't see it coming, and I should have...

The more annoyed you get, the more difficulty your system will have to cope with it. It might be a good idea to consider the point of view of... the insect! And put in a little forgiveness for it, for you?

Even though it's unfair I got stung, this insect reacted according to its nature.....

Also, tap away your anxieties about the coming days. In most cases, your body will need a few days to eliminate the venom, but until then, it WILL be painful (or will it? ;0)

Even though I”ll have to walk around with an arm like Popeye....
Even though I will have to restrain from scratching my leg....

The possibilities are endless. Most of all, be persistent about it.

I had various results about this for myself, including times when it didn't really “work”, I think just because I got fed up with tapping, and decided I'd live with it. Yes, even I rebel against tapping some times when the resultas are not fast enough! But it can be worth spending 15 minutes to save 3-4 days of itching?

On the other hand a visiting friend stepped on a wasps nest in the woods and got 9 stings as a result. He chose to tap, as well as using cream on the stings. We tapped for about an hour. Considering that he had an history of allergy for 2 bites as a child, and that he was on anti-histamines, the result was quite impressive. He found that it removed all his fear of the possible reactions. It was itchy for a couple of days, but he could tap it away if it was too annoying, and the swelling was minimal. Interestingly enough he mentioned that the 2 bites on his arm, the most visible, which he was watching closely as we were tapping, healed faster and were even less swollen than the others. All of them disappeared faster than for a (non tapping) neighbour who had been stung a day before him and felt the pain for many days after him.

So see where your tapping takes you.
Please remember to ALWAYS consult the appropriate specialist for ANY medical condition. While tapping has been shown to help with this, remember EFT is NOT a medical procedure. But pending the medical treatment, or in support of it, you can certainly tap!

Clic here for a free tapping script that might help you.


The idea is to tap away each and everyone of the negative feelings and/or beliefs attached to your memories. Sounds impossible? Don't worry, this process makes it possible.

We can use our brain to “reason” that the past is gone and we can't change anything about it, that really, “this” was no big deal. Still, we are carrying our memories around, and unbeknown to us, they can feed our thinking process, even affect our health, and use up our energy. These memories might not be haunting our nights, but tapping them away could highlight interesting benefits, such as feeling a weight off your chest (Anne and her ice-cream recipe, Mary and her escalator), becoming so noticeably less aggressive that friends notice it immediately (Marguerite and her teenage boyfriend) or boosting self confidence (Ger and his school teachers), and so many more...

It comes in 2 gigantic steps, but rest assured, you will split them into baby steps.

Step 1 : Writing THE list
Write down a list of the memories that bother you. Give each story a descriptive title, possibly the feelings it triggers if you can identify them and write down the intensity it triggers for you. It can be very old memories, from childhood (early or not), teenage... or just yesterday. Examples could be. “Carie took my doll when I was 5 – Anger 2”, “John said I was fat when I was 15” - Anger 8, Shame9, sadness 6, “I stammered when I gave the speech on John's wedding day -8”(you might not be clear about the feeling, shame, sadness, loneliness...), . I would also include “family stories” that trouble you such as “Uncle Jo committed suicide, Sadness 5”, “my parents were evicted from their first home” - anger – 3” etc...
If a memory comes up with very little intensity, still write it down. If you remember it, it might be hiding something, the way it did for Anne, Marguerite, Ger and others... As adults we can judge some events as “meaningless” while as a child it left a deep scar.
If your list is finished in 30 minutes or after half a page, try again... You could come up with 100 events or more. No event is too small if it comes to mind. Let the list rest and come back to it daily for a few minutes during the following days, adding to it what came up in between.

Step 2 : Tapping it away
Once your list is as complete as you can make it, take every item on the list and tap about it until, as Gary puts it “you either laugh about it or can't think about it anymore”. Start with the most intense ones, unless they are too intense for you to clear them on your own. In this case, contact me for help on these ones and choose another one to tap on.

Gary suggests to tap 1 to 3 events a day for at least 3 months. Do the math, that means 90-270 issues solved! To me the important point it to give it 10-30 minutes daily. If you have not completely cleared one issue one day, you'll get back to it the next day. You lived with it until now, what's another day? You will find that some issues will be non-issues in minutes, while others that looked easy at first actually trigger other layers. You won't know until to get to work.

Why are you reading this? You might be looking for a better physical well-being, including sleep, weight management, pain relief, or emotional well-being, including a more solid self-confidence, patience (with yourself as much as with others!), a lower stress level... All of this can be affected positively by your work. So go for it and let me know what you get out of it!

You will find Gary's original version of the process here.

But getting back to your question, tapping for somebody else is not always that easy. Let's call this “other person” John. I'd see 2 different situations :

1. John cannot tap for himself (young child or unconscious adult).

2. John really could tap, if only he wanted to, or if someone told him about it. In this case, the person asking the question could be a parent, worrying for his child (a teenager or even an adult), or a person worrying for a spouse, or simply a close friend

So that person who's asking is usually worried, or frustrated, or annoyed (or any other feeling) about the situation, or about “John”'s behaviour. The first step is to identify this and tap it away. Your'll find another FAQ on that topic here.

This free tapping script (click here) might also help you in that situation.

Assuming that you have cleared your own feelings about the situation, you are then perfectly relaxed, and ready to help “John”, without any judgement, accepting that the result of your work doesn't depend on you but indeed on John.

First, review the situation as if you were not part of it (so not necessarily from YOUR poit of view...). What is happening in John's life? What is he consciously feeling? What could be some unconscious feelings? What symptoms and clues are you focussing on? Once you have a clear view of the situation, you have several possibilities. As usual, just choose whatever makes more sense to you.

1. Imagine you ARE John

Even though I, John, feel lost right now, I completely love and accept myself.

2. Imagine you ARE John

Even though John feels lost right now, he could completely love and accept himself.

The tricky part is to measure “your” progress. However, if you made that choice of tapping for John, you are able to either feel what John's feeling or observe his reactions. So, as you would for yourself, just trust your intuition.

Did this help? Let me know here.