2 months later, I call her mum on Skype, and Emilie answers. She complains about a cold which "happens every week end". She'd do "anything to get rid of this annoying sickness". I tell her I might have a solution, but she probably wouldn't like it. She keeps saying she's ready for anything, and after resisting for another 4-5 minutes, I finally start talking about "magic fingers". She immediately connects it with what Mum does, and as I explain briefly where the points are and what to say, she quickly takes the lead : "you know, I know the points now, there's no need for you to repeat them all the time". So much for her needing my help!

Even though my nose is blocked, I'm a nice little girl (her words)
Even though my nose is still blocked...
Even though I'm coughing...

There's some progress, not great. I know Emilie also has some trouble at school. I talk to her about Ger's story, briefly, without putting too much emphasis on it.

Emilie's mum is still not home, and, typical 8 year old way, Emilie decides she's had enough and hangs up with a very short good-bye. I had just about enough time to explain to her that, for it to work, she really needed to do it every 30 minutes until her nose and cough were cleared. Had she been an adult, I would have pursued now and then, but in this case, that was the best way I could find for her to actually get some benefit.

And then, no news. I know from her mum that she did tap a couple of times that day, but no more.

I really though I'd "missed" with Emilie. Until 1 month later.

As I was talking to her mum, she burst out laughing : "I have to tell you, Emilie is talking about "magic fingers" to everybody! Her day care person, her teacher at the Circus school..." And she goes on describing the opportunities she had to see her daughter advertise EFT, including people's reaction, dismissive to start with and then unconvinced and eventually curious.

Emilie is very confident and convincing ("it healed my blocked nose, you see, and mum cries far less since she's been doing magic fingers"). People end up wondering if this really is just child talk or if there's more to it. Then they talk to her mum, who can talk about her own experience. 

I was really thinking Emilie hadn't heard me. But I had forgotten how powerful EFT can be, and how a child can recognise something that makes her fell good!

Sally and Jennifer have been close friends for many many years. They are now both in their forties, but Jennifer has breast cancer. Sally is doing her best to support Jennifer and her family (2 young children), and has kindly offered to help out with house chores from time to time. The last time Sally had seen Jennifer, she was OK, but when Sally came back from her holidays, she learned that Jennifer had got much worse in the last 2 weeks. She was due to go to her later in the day, and felt extremely anxious about it. She didn't know how Jennifer would be.

Sally is a very sceptical person, and she had heard about EFT, but had dismissed it. However, that day, the anxiety was so high she was ready to dial 999. Instead she dialed my number. I could fit her in, but it actually added to her stress because it was just before she was due to be at Jennifer's and our session might delay her.

I asked her to measure her anxiety right at this minute, while she was with me (0 : All is well, 10 : very high anxiety) : "Oh it's quite normal right now, maybe a little bit anxious, 6/10..."

I then asked her to imagine she was in Jennifer's House. I couldn't finish my sentence, before Sally reacted "Oh, now it's a 10!"

Before we start tapping, I always check if the standard "I love and accept myself" statement feels right. It didn't really work for Sally (5/10), so we agreed on something she truly believed about herself : "I am a good friend". And off we went for a first tapping round

Even though I've got this anxiety, I'm grateful I'm a good friend

Reminder phrases started to look at the anxiety with a slightly different angle :

I'm REALLY anxious... all this anxiety...my breathing is heavy... I'm going to start shaking any time... I think of her door... and the anxiety is going up... not sure I can cope with that... I'll be no good to her if I'm anxious... but I can't control it... how could taping on my face control my anxiety? (laughs).. I'm not sure I believe in this... but why not?.. I'd like to be open to the possibility that I could let go right now... whatever I can do to help Jennifer, it doesn't involve anxiety.... friends have plenty of love.. and love can cope with everything... at least I hope so... I will be no good to her if I feel anxious.... but my whole body is full of anxiety.. I'd like to clear it up? .. I 'd like to inform all my cells that I'm letting go of this anxiety...clean my cells from it... I choose to feel calm.. in my mind, body and spirit.

This was the first time Sally had used EFT. She looked at me, intrigued :"something's drained out of me. ". But her anxiety was still a 5 out of 10 when thinking of the door, "because of my brain, I know this is serious"!

Even though my brain KNOWS I'm anxious for SOMETHING, I'm anxious for Jennifer, and I can't do anything for her.. but I'm grateful that anxiety is going down, and I am a good friend.

... my brain is very clever... my brain knows that I'm anxious for something... my brain knows I"m anxious for Jennifer... I can't look at Jennifer and not feel anxious.. that wouldn't be fair... wouldn't be fair to Jennifer to look at her and not feel anxious...or would it? I wonder... Would my anxiety help Jennifer? Maybe my anxiety is not there for Jennifer? Maybe it's there for something else? Maybe it's been here for a long time... I can't feel bad enough to help Jennifer ... but if I feel really good right now, if I bring laughter and happiness to her home.. maybe it would be more help to her? She does need light, she does need love.. and I have plenty of this, and the anxiety is a barrier to my life, I choose to let go of it... I know what my brain is saying, but I choose for my heart to take over....

Sally now felt "much calmer". She was ready for a new test, so I asked her again to imagine going to Jennifer's and measure her anxiety. "I'm OK, my anxiety cannot help her. It's about 3". She said it could not be a 0, because she was an anxious person, and it was normal to get upset in such a situation.

Even though I've got this automatic upset, part of me knows I don't need that, like I've got a conflict in me, but I'm full of love, and there's no conflict in that.

The reminder phrases questioned this "automatic upset", including :

... I wonder if I felt anxious as a baby... what if I learned it?...

Sally had never looked at it that way, and I could see her brain going "mmm, how interesting....". But right in the middle of that round, her mobile phone rang. She jumped off her seat, put it to silence, and apologised before we started again, using this trigger and a little humor before we went to the core of the fear :

Even though I've learned this automatic upset, the phone rings and I get anxious, I see Jennifer and I get anxious, I see ANYTHING and I get anxious! (laughs)..I am a good friend!

... part of me knows I don't need that.. what if I let that part of me talk? ... I learned it... maybe I don't need it...I'm wondering (and she commented : "Yes, I AM wondering!").. could I let go?... do I need anxiety at all? .. I choose to put love instead of anxiety in every cell of my body... let go of the remaining anxiety... not everybody gets anxious when the phone rings.(more laughs).. everybody gets anxious about death... because we don't know... maybe it's not half as bad... death is a definite thing, and I'm not sure how I can cope with that, but I know anxiety is not helping... I choose to let go completely NOW.

I was about to ask her to find where the anxiety was in her body when the light bulb just switched on in her eyes. She looked at me in wonder : "it just flew out! Did you see it?"

Well, it would have been difficult to miss such a transformation. The expression on her face just lit up, her body got straighter. We finished the round tapping about gratitude for what had just happened.

I'm so grateful the remaining anxiety went away, this is so much fun! I'm going to share the fun with Jennifer!

Sally commented in the midst of a big burst of laughter: "and I'm the most sceptical person in the world!!! That was really bizarre!"

Before we tested again to check that the anxiety was really gone, I explained that it might come back with such a serious trigger, and how important it was that Sally would continue daily tapping on her own.

I then tested her, describing her arriving at Jennifer's, making the situation look the worst I could imagine , with Jennifer being really bad when Sally would come to her. This is how she felt : "Before, I would probably have broken down, now it's the love thing". I tried to get the picture even darker, and Sally was still OK, giving all sorts of good reasons for her to feel absolutely fine.

She went to Jennifer's after our session, where she enjoyed seeing her friend again. She commented in a later email : "Cannot thank you enough for your help. The visit to Jennifer was lovely actually.....Now I know why you always seem so at peace with yourself!"

Well, I'm a human being and I have my moments, but once again I'm so grateful for what EFT brought to Sally.


2 Months follow-up :

Jennifer's health is not great, with good and bad days. She knows about EFT, but is not willing to try it at this stage, and this is obviously her choice.

Sally has been using the tapping when required, including one time when she got a stomach ache which she knew was stress related. She tapped it away with immediate relief. She says knowing EFT is at her fingertips is very reassuring. She actually feels absolutely fine and doesn't need daily tapping. But when/if she needs it, she knows what to do.

Two years ago, Norma came to see me after she had witnessed an accident where a very close friend nearly died. That trauma was only the tip of the iceberg, and over a few months, we uprooted together numerous childhood traumas, long "forgotten" and buried. EFT also allowed Norma to change some of the core beliefs that had been driving her life for over 30 years, such as: " I need stress to survive", "I must be perfect", "Stress prevents me from collapsing out of exhaustion" etc... EFT also gave her a tool to manage difficult situations with her family. Norma now uses EFT from time to time, mainly to prepare for occasions that might create stress and anxiety in her life. When she feels she won't be able to tap it all away on her own, she comes back to me for a session, maybe once of twice a year at the most. Here is one of these sessions.

Getting close to her forties, Norma decided to go back to school for a Masters related to her occupation. She already used EFT to go through the interviews and be accepted in the school. Now she's nearly finished, and she's about to present her thesis in front of the Jury, as it is customary in France (Norma is French, and the sessions are all happening via Skype). She believes she would greatly benefit from a session to prepare for that moment, no doubt a difficult one for her.

Norma used EFT several times as she was writing her thesis. Her first word when we start the session is: “I actually can't feel any stress at all". A very usual and subconscious reaction for Norma "If I don't see the stress, then, there's none, is there?!” My role is to help her to identify any buried stress, and let it go NOW, before the presentation.

I do my best to trigger Norma's stress by any means, describing a presentation where everything goes from bad to worse. And just digging a little bit, the stress is there all right!

Important detail: Norma has decided to present her thesis in a very personal way, and to discuss very difficult times from her personal and family history. Interesting decision indeed, when you consider that 2 years earlier, she would only have mentioned the topic with reluctance, and brushing over it. She certainly would not have done it publicly, in detail, and in front of a Jury! This already shows a significant benefit of her EFT work.

So we roll out the film of the thesis presentation: leaving from home, commuting, arriving at the school, and setting up the room, the arrival of the Jury, going over her presentation and finally taking questions from the Jury. At each step, we are introducing the worst case scenario, raising the stress level as much as possible, and we then proceed to let go of any related negative emotion. The idea is to roll out that film from beginning to end, peacefully, and maybe with a bit of humour!

Here are a few set-up we tapped away:

Even though the Jury President could make me lose it and undermine me...

Even though I have this bag of anxiety knots in my belly....

Even though my throat still feels a little tense when I think about the presentation...

Even though I am programmed to lose it, so I WILL lose it... I choose to change my programming... I choose the program "self assured" (Norma bursts out laughing "I feel like I'm programming a washing machine!")

Even though they might ask me a question for which I have no answer, and I'll get panicked (shaking hands, tense stomach and throat, maybe even tears...)...

Even though I learned to have a tense throat when I hear the word "stress"... maybe I can now learn to feel relaxed, no matter what?

Even though the school Director might be in the public, and that makes me nervous...

Even though the Jury are looking for my weaknesses and finding them (or they're finding them by chance, just because I'm speaking about very personal things)...

Even though I'm not quite sure I know what I'll say... I choose to easily find my words, at the perfect time...

While tapping, we also use other tools, such as visualisation, colours, breathing, etc... Norma's aim is to feel confident, with a well meaning Jury.

Comment from Norma after the session: "Thank you. At the beginning of the year, the presentation made me feel ________. {she can't even find a proper word to describe the induced stress}, and now I feel fully relaxed."

At the end of that session, I gave her homework: imagine and visualise, at least once a day a perfect presentation, where everything is flawless, in every little detail.

There are 6 days left before the presentation.

The day before the presentation, we have a new discussion. A few more concerns arise:

Even though this is an unusual situation, therefore I HAVE TO feel stressed out..

Even though I could fail and lose points for my diploma....

Even though the car will choose THAT DAY to fail me...

Even though we're a bit optimistic to assume that everything will be flawless...

Even though the President of the Jury will look for a problem and will be nasty to me...

Even though I feel a little tension when I see the Jury walking in the room...

It doesn't take long before Norma is perfectly at ease, ready to face any bad situation I introduce into the scenario. She now feels perfectly at ease.


Follow-up and outcome of the presentation

Here are a few extracts from Norma's report after the presentation:

I didn't feel stressed out at all... it went well. The President of the Jury did tease me a bit, but we had a very interesting conversation, and I could feel he was well meaning. Rating: 15 out of 20. I can't believe it's over!

15/20 in France is a really good outcome at that level of study. Norma is happy with this. She adds a few more details. Please note each of the aspects we had tapped on

I prepared the room and set my things up. The President of the Jury (the teaser), arrives before my mentor. We talked in a very relaxed way, (a friend was in the room to support me too) while we were waiting. When my mentor arrived, everything just unfolded. We all took seat, standing up for the introduction of the context by the president of the Jury. Then I had 20 minutes to present my work in an original way, in 20 minutes maximum. ... I spoke in a relaxed fashion... Both members of the Jury congratulated me on my research work. The President asked me several questions. I couldn't answer them all in detail, but he acted as a well meaning well of science. Once this was finished, my friend and I left the room for them to debrief, for about 10 minutes... I only felt a little bit of stress once, when I found it difficult to answer one particular question. No stress when he teased me, because I knew it was usual, and I could feel the Jury being well meaning.

It was a truly relaxed and enjoyable moment for all. As I said to Norma, she was probably doing the Jury a favour too by preparing herself to be relaxed. I could imagine that after a day of presentations with people mostly tense, the Jury probably also enjoyed a more relaxed atmosphere!

Saoirse is in her early twenties. She's a very sweet person, very private, with a tiny voice. She contacted me because her mother had told her she was worried Saoirse was having depression bouts, and she should seek help. I had met her in several social situations and noticed she would avoid at all cost to step out. She was not a native English speaker, and used this as her reason, despite her English skills being excellent. The first time we met, Saoirse's main concern was to make a decision for herself, regarding studies. She had 3 lines of interest, but just couldn't figure out which one to take. The clock was ticking. It was early June. Decision needed to be taken NOW! We started talking about family issues. There were some issues with her father. Also, her family had had difficult times. We tapped around all of these. Her self esteem was very low. When asked what her qualities were, she couldn't find any. Then I asked if she had any friends. Yes she had. So, I asked why these people were her friends? Did they see any qualities in her by any chance? We tapped one round where I asked her to name some people who liked her and thought well of her. That's when she got "the look", the one which says "Mmm, hadn't thought of that this way, they can't all be wrong, maybe I am loveable after all....". By the end of the session, Saoirse's posture was straighter, her voice a bit more assured. We had definitely opened new doors and new awareness, but I had a feeling we were missing something big. The second session was a week later. She had felt better in between, but still no decision. So we started tapping around :
Even though I can't make a decision for myself, and I don't know why, I accept myself anyway.
  Reminder phrases included statements like:
I don't trust myself,
can't get it right,
wonder why,
where did I learn that,
I'm open to the possibility that my mind knows,
I'm ready to find out safely...
  As it happens so often with EFT, an old memory came up :

"It reminds me when I was in pre-school. I was about 5. We had to clean up some dishes. Among the dishes, there was a knife. I knew how to handle a knife already, so I took it, and started wiping it carefully. But then the teacher saw me. And she took away the knife".

As we tapped on the feelings brought back by this experience, the whole story unfold. Saoirse later found out that her mother had taught her from a very early age how to handle knives. So when the 5 years old saw the knife, she knew that she was able to wipe it, and took the decision all on her own to deal with this. All was well until the teacher came in. Imagine, as a responsible adult, seeing a 5 years old with a knife... The first thought is usually "danger!". So the teacher removed the knife, probably a bit panicked by what huge risk she must have thought she had taken. Now here is our 5 years old, utterly convinced of her own right to make that decision, and the teacher, the figure of authority, the one who knows it all much better than a 5 year old, telling her she really cannot make this kind of important decision for herself. Here is a "little t trauma", none the less a trauma. The 5 years old takes the message, doesn't question it, (remember, the teacher knows better than a 5 years old), and puts this new program or belief deep in her body and in her being : "I am NOT to be trusted with any decision for myself". The interesting part is that in her life, Saoirse had already made many decisions for herself, always supported by her parents. She had traveled on her own through Europe, lived in 3 different countries. Still, she now had reached a wall. Coming back to our session, by now, her posture and voice had definitely changed. Relief was obvious on all of her. She left with a bright smile. 3 days later, she had booked herself in a photography school. To be honest, I was a bit surprised, but that was her choice, so all was well. 3 Months follow-up I emailed Saoirse 3 months later to know how she was doing, and her answer just left me speechless. For a non-native English speaker, she came up with a very long message, in perfect English, of course. Then she told me about her summer trips, home and to other countries, about her helping her family. And she said :

"About the depression...... After our last EFT session, I never really got deep into a depression any more. Especially during the trip, I felt fantastic and very happy and relaxed. Just in the last 6 weeks or so, I feel a bit more moody and sometimes a bit down, but never really depressed. "

And here comes the icing on the cake :

"On the trip, I decided to study drama, instead of photography"

Now, THAT, was a total change! Here is a person who would not step out for all the gold in the world, now ready to stand in full view of everybody!!! She was ready for a new chapter in her life:

"Sometimes, it feels, like there is something blocking me from expressing myself and being light. I think, I am really self judgemental as well.

I did a little bit of tapping, but found to be very impatient with myself. And I feel that I don´t find the right things to say during tapping and put myself under pressure, which makes me feel uncomfortable."

So there is still work to be done, but then, don't we all have to work on ourselves, day in day out? One month again after that, I met a person I hadn't met for a long time. This person actually knew Saoirse, who had shared her work with me. they now told me about how amazing her transformation was. That was confirmation, if needed, that the new Saoirse was out there! Thank you for EFT, and may Saoirse's story help you to get on your own journey...

Please note that Basic Knowledge of EFT will help you fully benefit from reading this article.

Tessa, 9, is suddenly getting really bad marks at school, mainly in Maths, even though she used to be an "A student". Two EFT sessions later, she's back to As all along. And her smile is back too! Here is how...

Session 1 :

Tessa is French, but she lives in the USA. Her school grades are excellent, so much so that she's one year ahead in Maths. It happened a year before, and that year everything went fine. However, this year, even though she understands the lessons when she's in the classroom, her grades are getting lower and lower. And that definitely doesn't make her happy.

This issue seems to apply only to Maths, every other subject is fine. She has no idea why. Her mother told me that homework often brings tears, and tension arrises each time the topic is discussed. The teacher is very understanding and supportive. But if Tessa's grades are not improving, she suggests to step back to the previous level, thus removing this unnecessary stress on Tessa.

Tessa already knows about EFT, and has used it a few times when she was not well. So we can start working straight away. I ask her to think about a failed test, she remembers one when she got a D.

That first session goes in 2 steps : clean up past negative experiences, and prepare for a happy future experience.

First, Tessa can still recall her panic when she thinks about that test. EFT is a brilliant technique, and really benefits when associated to other techniques. In this case, Tessa's preferred tool to let go of the panic, is "the pipe". While she's tapping, I ask her to visualise her panic, which to her feels like nausea in her heart. Then I ask her to imagine a pipe going right out of her heart, and then "see" her nausea going right out through the pipe, like dirty water.

We do this several times, and every time she thinks all the nausea and panic went away through the pipe. However, when asked to focus on that test, the panic is right back, if a little less acute each time, and we tap it away. After 3 rounds, she can now think of that test with no anxiety at all.

We then move onto another memory, 2 years earlier. As we're tapping, Tessa explains:

The teacher had just explained a lesson, and then she gave us a test to check that we'd understood. Everybody else had understood, but my answer was wrong. I felt the other kids thought I was stupid.... I felt I was blushing.

Once that memory was "cleaned up" too and she could recall it with no emotion, we moved onto a 3rd memory which used to stress her out. However hard as she tried, she couldn't feel any level of stress over it anymore. I really love this about EFT : if you went through 10 traumas, working on 2 or 3 of them is sometimes enough to really feel at peace with all of them. A lovely side effect!

It's now time to look at another angle. I introduce it to her :

"Tomorrow, you're going to school, and there's a test. How do you feel? ".

Again, panic comes up, shame that she isn't ready, embarrassment if the others would finish before she would, if she didn't understand all of it... She also feels embarrassed when she remembers a friend who asked her why a specific test had taken so long for her to finish. After a few more rounds of tapping, Tessa now feels perfectly OK with the idea of that future test.

It has been a long session. I email her the following round, to use a few times, before homework, or before going to school. I copied it here in full, because it includes most of the aspects we worked on during the session. It could inspire other parents.

Even though I feel I'll still panic a little bit, I know I'm doing my best.

Even though I might panic again, and feel embarrassed if I don't find the answer to a question fast enough, I choose to remain calm and focused.

Even though there is a possibility that I panic or feel embarrassed if I'm not fast enough or if I don't get the right answer, every mistake is a learning opportunity, and all is well!

I'm going to feel embarrassed or panicked

it's always like that, particularly with Math.

When they need to explain several times for me

or when I'm slower that the others, and they have to wait for me.

They are going to resent me for that.

Or I won't find the correct answer and I'll panic.

Or I'll panic because I didn't know there would be a test.

I don't enjoy this panic!

I don't panic on purpose!

And when others have to wait for me, I feel embarrassed, they are going to resent me.

I don't resent them when I have to wait for them.

But my friend already asked me why it took me so long once.

I know she didn't mean to make me feel bad.

But I felt embarrassed all the same, and I'm slightly panicking when I think about it.

She didn't really think of this.

Still, I did feel embarrassed.

It really doesn't help anybody when I feel embarrassed or panicked.

It doesn't help my friends, or the teacher, or myself.

So even if I need a bit more time or if I don't get the answer right

I choose to know, deep in my heart,

That all is well.

This time it's me, another time, it will be somebody else.

And since I would not resent them for needing more time, I don't resent myself either!

I don't need the panic anymore either : If I know the answer, I choose to find it easily, and if I don't know it, that's OK, I'm going to learn something new!

So I'm letting any remaining panic or embarrassment go out through the pipe! I love feeling clear in my head to learn even better!

Mum's session

One month later, Tessa's last test has been another D. However, her reaction has changed. She's not stressed out anymore, but disappointed, she thought she had the correct answers. She really should have had a B.

Another positive change is that she finds it easier to understand in the classroom. Anne answers my question: "It's difficult to say if these changes are due to the tapping : she's less stressed, more confident, doesn't cry much on this any more. She manages better. At home everything is OK."

I suggest a session with Anne, Tessa's mum. I have noticed in the past how the traumas experienced by a parent could transfer as a similar trauma in the child, sometimes in very unexpected ways.

We start tapping for Tessa surrogately, a technique a lot of "tapping parents" use :

Even though Tessa still finds it difficult to manage tests...

Even though she'll need several hours to recover form the shock (of the D)...

But very fast, we come back to Anne, who has a very vivid memory of a failed Math test, aged 12. Even the topic is fresh in her memory : compute the proportions of an ice-cream recipe!

To clean a past trauma, visualising the feeling is quite often an efficient shortcut. We use that method to clean up sadness and anxiety still coming up when she was recalling that test.

To be completely honest, her sadness is not completely gone after our work. It happens quite often in similar circumstances, that the last 5% or so of a past feeling just "stays there". It can actually be difficult to accept the idea that a feeling that has been sitting in the conscious or unconscious mind for so long could really completely go away. That particular belief often needs to be treated specifically. A very summarised version of that round goes :

Even though I refuse to believe that the sadness I had for all these years could actually go away in just a few minutes... 95% of it is already gone, so why not the last 5%?

It takes a few more rounds to free Anne completely of the bad feelings related to that memory. She's really surprised. She comments with her lovely smile : "it's incredible, I feel a weight off my chest".

We tend to "reason" and forget how much an event which can seem quite meaningless when you consider a life span, is actually very vivid and active in our subconscious mind.

We decide to have another session with Tessa a few days later.

Session 2:

Tessa thinks that the first session did help her. She actually used the "pipe technique" several times. "I didn't tap, since the pipe was enough". Completely logical! She did share quality time with mum tapping on her before going to bed.

I ask Tessa her version of what's improved and what still needs work.

"My grades are getting better, and I'm stressing less. But I still felt stressed during tests and had bad grades then. "

She has 2 tests in the following days, including one on the program of the previous 3 months.

This time, we use the film technique, going through every single scene, tapping away negative emotions as they show up, until you can tell the whole story without any negative feeling at all.

So we identify each step : leaving home, going to school, arriving at school at 8:00, test starting at 10:30, sitting the test, end of the test.

When we run the scenario the first time, she feels anxiety (7 out of 10) just imagining she's leaving home. We tap that away, start again, and then the anxiety shows up "on the way to school". Little by little, the anxiety comes in later and later, and weaker each time. When the anxiety doesn't show up anymore, we add more triggers, like recalling the last failed test, imagining she faces a question she can't possibly find an answer to, 2, 3, 7 of these questions, adding the stress to know that there are only 2 minutes to finish... We run the scenario 10 times to be able to run it completely peacefully.

Every time we go through the scenario, we use various "tools", such as tapping, of course, and visualising the pipe, or colors. At some point, she mentions that yellow means calm and light to her, to replace a blue anxiety in her stomach. Each person associate different colors to different feelings. You'll see that this comment was very important for Tessa.

We are "screening the film" perfectly calmly when I add one aspect: "could anybody tease you about your D at the last test?". "Bad feelings" immediately go back up. Still tapping, we do a few interesting visualisations, focusing on the kid who already made this comment. We'll call her G. So our new scenario is: Tessa meeting G, G making a nasty comment, and then Tessa getting to the classroom for the test.

Tessa enjoys a very rich imagination. Her hands are "fizzy", her anger at G "goes out through her ears, like in cartoons"... Knowing that Tessa who would NEVER do this in real life, I even suggest that she gets physical : "if you were to kick her, would that help to let go of your anger?". That IMAGINARY "kick" actually kicked the anger out. But then, we're facing another issue: doubt... "What if G was right? What if I failed this test too?". This is also tapped away.

I choose to write down most of this next round, because I feel it's important to highlight Tessa's change of mind about G. If we could apply the same concept in all bullying situations in school, who knows what would happen?

Even though G might be right, and maybe that's why I'm angry at her, maybe I will have another D, she could also be wrong, and I know I prepared well for this test.

Even though she might be right, and she planted a doubt in my mind, I don't have to accept this doubt she gave me. I can choose what I want to think, and I allow her to think what she wants too.

Maybe she gave me that doubt

because she's jealous

maybe she'd like to be nice like me

maybe things are difficult for her

maybe she's just unhappy,

maybe she only knows to say nasty things

maybe nobody ever taught her to say nice things (I check with Tessa if she thinks all these are potentially true, she approves)

maybe she doesn't really say mean things on purpose?

Maybe she would like to say nice things

but she doesn't know how?

Whatever the situation, I can't solve her issue.

And I choose to feel OK, whatever happens,

I forgive her for giving me that doubt,

and I forgive myself for having accepted that doubt

and I choose to know, deep inside me, that I do know ALL the answers.

That I CAN have an A

that I DESERVE an A

and that I WILL have an A

and all is well! Thank you!

Tessa is now relaxed and smiling.

3 days follow-up

3 days later, I start my day beautifully, opening my first 3 emails. Each one contains a picture of Tessa, looking happier and happier, holding a sign saying "thank you Christine", and covered with yellow pieces of paper! Each picture has a different caption :

I got an A with only one mistake!!!!

I applied the technique on a tough question and it works!!!

I am looking for yellow everywhere!

Remember the comment about colours? Yellow only appeared a few minutes in the second session, and I hadn't realised how much that had helped.

3 months follow-up

Three months later, mum confirms :

Tessa got her grades for the 2nd semester, and in math: she has A on average!!!! She only spoke to me about this result of course. It's amazing in only 2 sessions how it has done her good... She has As everywhere except B in sciences, but nothing matters apart from Math!!!

So thanks again !!!!! No more tears, no need for help, she works on her own without me... pure joy!! It really is a 100% turn around, amazing !!!:).- and regarding G, it was already improving, but this comment about math had touched her because of the topic!

Please note that, besides the "G episode", which has quite a minimal importance in this case, nobody had done anything to "traumatise" Tessa. Her anxiety was simply rooted in her extreme sensitivity and a trivial event. Just imagine a world where all traumas which are created in school would be healed right there and then...

EFT is beginning to root in schools, at various levels, and this is good news. On that topic, I'd suggest you spend a few minutes to enjoy this video about a preschool teacher using EFT with his students. Simply beautiful, if you ask me!

Also, remember that persistence is key. We could have settled on the results of the first session, but the second one really put the icing on the cake.

Many thanks to Anne and Tessa who accepted to share this experience.

Children, parents and all, lets all tap together!