Managing my website by myself sometimes leads to a few imperfections. Some people are generous enough to indicate them to me, so I can sort it out, to the benefit of the next readers. That's exactly what Agnès did. She was looking forward to tapping on my free tapping script "life is so great"; unfortunately, it linked to the Slugs Phobia script! So she "complained", rightly so! As I noticed in her contact form that she'd found my website because she was searching about EFT and digestion, I directed her towards my free script on that topic. That's where it begins to be interesting.
She quickly answered "The script about digestion? Brilliant! Within 30 minutes of tapping, my constipation problem was solved... and I'm hungry!!! Too bad I have to wait for lunch! :P"
That was enough to get me curious, so I asked Agnès if she'd be willing to say a bit more. Her detailed and honest answer could probably help some of you, and I am grateful to Agnès for sharing this here. I added in a few comments along the way.

Bonjour Christine,
In answer to your email, if my mail got you curious, I can say that yours took me very far back in the past.
Actually, I don't really suffer from a chronic constipation, usually I even have rather regular bowel movements; my digestion however is very, very slow, and a meal that would be a little richer than usual or an annoyance of some sort (I realised that by reading your email), is enough to feel that I cannot digest food: I put on weight, I feel bloated, constipation, I feel heavy in fact. And it looks a minor issue compared to other existing pathologies, but it is very difficult for me to experience, since I don't feel well, and physically as emotionally, I feel that all that I eat is just pilling up in my belly without ever getting out. So I just build it up and up, until I feel I'm just a "weight"! Working in shifts probably doesn't make it any easier.

We often turn a blind eye to our chronic "slight troubles", thinking it's not that bad. True enough. But these slight troubles are draining our energy on a daily basis. As Agnès is taking note here, her symptoms are aggravated by life's daily annoyances. If on the contrary each annoyance was treated as soon as possible, could these slight troubles go down all by themselves? Could some energy suddenly be available to you again to use it purposes that would be more pleasant to and/or efficient for you and your loved ones? Which "slight troubles" are life's daily annoyances feeding in you?
Fortunately, Agnès decided to take action...

I also realised a few days ago that each time I was having these troubles, I was "waiting for" something unpleasant to occur in my life, which created in me fear or any other negative feeling, hence the impossibility to eat (or very little), or even, depending on the intensity of the annoyance, the urgent need to evacuate it all in the loo. Which seemingly solved my problem. ( I tapped on this aspect.

Congratulations to Agnès for linking cause and effect. A step towards the solution?
There are as many ways to manage stress than there are human beings. There's no better or worse. What is yours? Also we could stop once we have one result (like Agnès' initial relief after her first 30 minutes of tapping) and let old habits get back in. Agnès choose to further follow the link. When you start tapping as Agnès did, go for it and let it bring you in unexpected directions. It usually leads to surprising and liberating discoveries. Persistence, persistence... Which connection could you follow?

but now, how can I digest, if "nothing helps me there"?)

Those who never ever thought "nothing works for me", please throw the first stone. All of the others might want to tap on such a widespread belief. Stay tune for a new tapping script on that topic!

I tapped for two days using "What if I could digest it all easily?"

Persistence, persistence... result ?

And that lead me to wonder what was feeling heavy in my life (my constant worry for my 19 years old daughter and the relationship it creates between the two of us), and when I felt like a weight (when I was ill, and I was very frightened, and doctors didn't know what I had), I tapped using other worksheets "Unroot a deeply rooted guilt" (that I didn't give my daughter a "conventional" family) "Life is so great", "What if I could feel love instead of worry?"
Tapping brought up that anger I had about a medical doctor. Without telling me, he had given me an anxiolytic to cure my bloated belly. I was young, it was yet another treatment, and I didn't think of looking at the leaflet, my belly was eventually un-bloated, that was the main thing!

Fortunately, most doctors now explain the proposed treatment. This being said, Agnès' experience reminds us that, as difficult as it might be, understanding the highlights of a treatment we're given, and why it was chosen, are important aspects of any healing. If you can't do this, maybe a loved one can help you on this? You don't dare asking for explanations? What about tapping the associated feelings out?

Except that after the treatment was finished, in ended up with withdrawal symptoms; of course there had been no proper withdrawal approach. I can still see myself sitting on the toilets (definitely the theme....) crying without knowing why, and my daughter, very young, who thought that this was due to her not getting ready fast enough, and was telling me "I'm doing as fast as I can, mummy". I remember that same day, after I dropped her to sports, crying again, alone in the car, and ringing my mother because I didn't know what was happening to me.... And I remember too, the days that followed, the shaking, this sick feeling in my belly, as I would gulp a frankfurter sausage or a banana for breakfast because nothing else would do.
For 2 days, my belly deflated, I lost weight and I could "evacuate", but it was only partial, and today again, status quo, I'm stuck again.

Again, persistence, persistence... The "evacuation" topic (on an emotional and physical level) comes back quite often. It is usually a clue to explore. What could you let go of in your life to feel free?

So I'm continuing on "What if I could digest it all easily?" as I was doing since Friday. And this unexplained disease is coming back forcefully to my mind. A disease that remained without a name, that doctors (15 altogether) qualified as "nerves", it is so much easier... A disease that really frightened me and is still today ringing far too strongly in me. A disease that made me feel as heavy as a cannonball, a weight to my ex-husband, my parents who thought I was "neurotic", my daughter. It's only with a second disease, still nerves, said doctors. I was so ashamed of myself that I didn't dare going to them for prescriptions, for them to take me seriously.

I believe shame is nearly equal to guilt on the top of the list of destructive emotions. Shame according to whom? WHO is judging you?

For 2 years and a half, I had terrible pains in my belly (again) and in my lower back, they told me to calm down, to be "zen"... Easy, no? And I was thinking "my poor girl, how can you get yourself in such a state?"

We often are our harshest judge. What judgements do you have on yourself, your situation, your health? What if this judgment had been misguided?

One day (at last) I had a jaundice!! And then they took me seriously.. In emergency, I was operated on twice, to remove bile duct stones and remove my gall-bladder... And of course pain disappeared.
This is the first time I manage to really cry it out in 10 years... And even if that made me realise that I had so much rage in me, it feels good and now I can tell you "I'm enjoying it"

Getting free from traumas we unconsciously locked up in ourselves is not necessarily an easy step, particularly when you are choosing to do this on your own. It can be a good idea to get professional support when facing such strong memories as "is still today ringing far too strongly in me".

I am going to keep tapping in the next days and see where it leads me.
Thinking that I had to wait that slugs come to visit me on a Friday 13th, for me to really work all this out [...]. They say there is no coincidences, only appointments. I can believe that. After months of searching on internet, I never saw your website. Our appointment was for this Friday 13th.
Thank you for switching up your tapping scripts! I had never emailed for that kind of things, but I so wanted to tap on "life is so great". Here we go!
I don't know if my writings could help others, but the few emails we exchanged gave me the opportunity to to work on a problem that, unconsciously I guess, I was putting aside or didn't want to face.

Everything happens in its own time...

Keep writing your scripts, they ring true and are easily fitted to our own lives... and please, most of all, keep switching them from time to time. It can create so much good.

Well, I'm daring you to find the other mistakes on my website!

One year later

Agnès got back in touch. She's grateful that her belly is no longer bloated. However digestion is still very slow. She's about to start tapping again, after a few months without tapping because...

...I had reached saturation point, always working on myself. A little bit of a "mini care-burn-out", that made me physically sick and tired, and everything was feeling life a "ordeal". Even tapping on any simple or tiny issue. I had no courage. I moved so much through my past, (which is not that bad, though), that just thinking that a tapping round could drive me quite far felt like a hard summit to climb. I just couldn't.

This article is not really a case study, but I wanted to share it with you as it contains many learning points. It might help you...:

  • - to follow your intuition when you bump "by chance" onto an unexpected memory when tapping.

    - To identify your feelings as soon as possible so you can EXPRESS them, "express" as in communicate them AND extract them from your system. It took 10 years and wandering slugs for Agnès to let go of this deep anger. How long have you been keeping deep inside some feelings you'd rather not carry around?

    - To accept that sometimes, we need to take a holiday from ourselves! NO guilt. You'll get back to it when you're ready. Unless all your problems are solved and none of life's drawbacks can undermine your invincibility? Hurray!

    - To persist and identify every small improvement you could be grateful for. Agnès might have been able to go deeper in her exploration and unroot her digestion problems in more depth, not mentioning that disease that "is still today ringing far too strongly in me" by getting help from a professional. When a trouble is bothering you to such an extent, just ask yourself that question: is it worth getting help?

    - To make sure you understand any treatment you are receiving.

    - To tell me when something is not right on my website! :-)


As you are reading Agnès' story, what thoughts does it bring you about your own situation? What recurrent trouble would you like to let go of? What if it was possible?


Emma's breast cancer had been surgically removed 2 months before I met her. That cancer had been identified during a routine check, and then everything had gone very fast. She was now following a program of “safety chemotherapy”.

It was the first real physical health issue she'd encountered in her life, but going over her life revealed that she went through quite her share of emotional traumas. There were so many of them she really didn't know which one to begin with. So when I asked her what she wanted to work on, she declared : “I trust you”. Well. I did feel very honored, but I didn't have the answer! So I asked her to close her eyes, breathe in deeply, and tell me what came to her mind. A very different answer came out immediately : “relapse”. I asked her what feeling was attached to it. “I think I now understand how it works, so right now I am going to heal because I want to heal. But then, I'm afraid I won't be able to break the ancestral process.”.

Anybody could understand her fear, given the circumstances. Thanks to a very good medical team and a nice dose of EFT, she was now sure to heal form this occurrence, but what about the future? Time to tap!

Even though I am afraid I won't be strong enough to break this ancestral process, at least I know I am healing for this time, and I choose to accept my fear as easily as I accept my healing
Emma could visualise  her fear as a black rock in her stomach. Still tapping, I guided her to visalise that balck rock disolving into a soft pink peace.

But she just couldn't continue beyond the 50/50 point, where she was still holding half of her fear while releasing half of it. She now measured it as a 4 on a 0-10 scale (0-no fear – 10 enormous fear), instead of the initial 7.

She explained with a lot of common sense that the fear went down because of the work we just did, but it couldn't go to 0 because it had been there for so long. A new tapping opportunity!

Even though I have had this fear for too long, and it's been in my family for even longer, I cannot be the one to clear all this in just a few seconds; one part of me really is wondering. What if I could?

After this second tapping, less than 15 minutes after we started the session, I did my best to revive her fear : “it's here in your genes, deep in you, you are programmed so this process keeps going. Proof is that you did get this first cancer. It's a really intense fear...” Incredulous, she said “I would say that I don't have it anymore, but that sounds quite impossible to me”.

Here is a completely different situation! We used the next 30 minutes to help Emma to accept the possibility of what she was actually feeling. Hopefully, Emma has a good sense of humour, which can be useful. Following rounds include:

Even though it's quite impossible that I don't have this fear anymore, it has to be a trick of my mind, it must have hidden it somewhere else, I'm sure it's going to show up again, still, one part of me is not sure at all, that part of me is positively ready to let go of this fear.

Even though it looks perfectly impossible to me to let go of all this in just 10 minutes, impossible is not French (Emma is French, so the whole session was actually in French)., and since I choose to heal anyway, I choose to heal for future generations.

Even though all this looks completely impossible, it's way too fast, who would I be without this fear? I lost part of me when I let go of that fear. I choose to learn to know myself, truly know myself, me, Emma, fearless and daring.

To help her to see her new self, I suggested that she stood “outside of her” to give a good look at herself. New obstacle : she does see a “light and smily” Emma. I thought to myself that was quite good. BUT, she immediately realised that this was the image she had always offered to the rest of the world, even when it was only an image, not her true feeling. Even though it was quite different now since she FELT “light and smily”, a little more tapping was required. So after a few more rounds, I let Emma go with a little homework until the next session.

One week later, Emma confirmed that her fear of relapse had completely subsided. She also mentioned she was not afraid to die from a cancer anymore. It could have been one of these “happy EFT side effects” from her previous session, but let's be honest, she had actually let go of that fear herself thanks to the French version of the Tapping Summit (Congrès Francophone d'EFT), and more specifically thanks to a script that Noëlle Cassan had shared there. All this improvement had also been validated at a different level by Emma's [surprised] osteopath a few days after our first session.

Obviously we cannot guarantee that Emma won't ever have a relapse. Let's meet in 50-60 years to know the answer for sure. However, if you could choose, would you rather live with or without constant conscious and subconscious fear?

Emma commented on the changes she experienced since her fears disappeared: “First of all, at a physical level, I don't have this ball in my throat . I used to feel it nearly every evening when I went to bed, since my mother's death [many years before]. Since I'm not afraid any more, I have more time... time to stop faking, time to be myself, and mostly time to live with others instead of living through them and through their eyes (I used to do this over 50 years to cover up my fear, fear of the disease, but also fear of loneliness, fear of being judged, fear of being criticised). Hence my new project to stop my job as an Account Manager in a big company so I could fulfill my teenage dream: help others!

3 month follow-up

Emma keep tapping on her own. We did have a couple more sessions to go through more difficult issues, either physical or emotional.

Noticeably, she once suffered very severe belly pains. She asked me for advice on mail. After implementing my suggestions on her own, the pain completely subsided.

Chemotherapy is now finished. She is continuing on her healing path, relieved from the weight of her fear of relapse. Thank you Emma to share this. A lot of people who went through a cancer spend the rest of her life with this Damocles' sword above their head. How would their life be transformed if they could recycle the energy that their fear is pumping in them and use it to create and enjoy life's joys, day after day?

One year later

Emma sent in a testimonial you can read here. It is a lovely ending to that chapter of her life.

Hélène discovered EFT a few years before she retired. Her solitary life hadn't been particularly easy or joyous. She'd always been focussed on work and being of service to others. A conversation convinced her to try EFT. The first session, on skype like all the others, was quite a shock. An anger she'd had for several decades disappeared in just 2 rounds. She was quite surprised, even shocked by this sudden change in her. I explained it was quite normal (the change and the shock) and we tapped away the shock on that first session. After a few weeks reflecting on this unexpected turn of events, she came back for another session. Soon enough, she got onto the habit of tapping several times a week for herself. She explored all the areas where EFT could help her, on the physical side for back pain, head aches and others, or about her body image or to tap away worry for herself or for others, etc... She comes back once or twice a year, depending on her needs. With EFT and Matrix reimprinting, we worked togehter on the scars left by her childhood. Her family was led by the grandfather, an imposing and frightening figure to her. She would not speak unless invited to do so, but on the other hand, even though she was not the eldest child, she shoulder heavy responsibilities early. Two good examples are: aged 12, having to represent the family at the death bed of an aunt, whose face had been “eaten by the disease”. Then aged 15, she was the one who had to question doctors about their diagnosis of her dying father. She is now at peace with this and much more. After 3 years of discovery and of changes in herself, she leads a very active retirement and steps out of her shell. She also discovered Ho'oponopono and the law of attraction, both exploring how we impact the world around us. But as she's getting deeper into herself, she discovers many of her qualities she never acknowledged before and she feels ready to take a more active place in the world. Here are 2 “adventures” that showed her she was changing. They may seem minor, but not if you put them in the context of a person who never ever expressed her feelings or ideas. Both happen while shopping, The first is when the lady in front of her spills the contents of her basket. The lady starts moaning she definitely is useless. Hélène, typical her, moves forward to help the lady. That was normal. What was NOT normal to Hélène is that, even though nobody had asked her what she thought, she said to the lady that surely there were things she was really good at. The lady looked at her, quite unsettled by a comment that was probably true, but she'd never heard before. Result : the lady left the shop looking at Hélène as if she was an angel; Hélène barely recovered from the surprise of her own reaction, enjoyed the effect on the lady as well as the smiles on the onlookers. A few days later, in a different shop, she was looking for a present. All her life she had learnt to deal with things on her own, not asking for help, no matter how big the problem. She suddenly found herself calling a sales lady for help. Her requirement was a bit unusual, so the sales lady directed her to one area of the shop, but obviously kept thinking about it. Ten minutes later she appeared with THE present. Once again, Hélène had to admit that despite the fact that she had “disturbed” somebody, she indeed had offered that person an opportunity to feel happy. The sales lady was delighted she found THE right present and was grinning with pride while Hélène was delighted with THE present too. EFT can bring around incredible and immediate results, if we consider “minute-wonders”, such as the stories of Julia and her shoulder pain, Shirley's minute-headache, Natalie's Post Viral Fatigue Syndrom and many more you'll find on this website. In Hélène's case, Hélène didn't really tap to change her life, but simply to clear anything that had kept her stuck, mainly fears: fear that she might not know what to do or say, fear that she was not good enough, fear to act without being asked to, constant fear at every minute. She had been convinced that she didn't deserve anything, and that she could never truly be herself. She'd had a life of untold and mostly subconscious feelings, particularly anger, some of which she was barely aware of, and all of which she had kept deep down inside her. She now questioned all these values she'd learned in childhood. They may have been good originally, but she'd applied them with excess : so polite she'd never express anything, so giving she could not receive, living every day as a fight, so hard-working she found little pleasure, etc... This long introduction might allow you to understand why Hélène came back to try and find out how to deal with her “disconnect”, Outside of our work together, she doesn't feel she can talk about all this with people around her. Remember she lives in a small village. She feels as if she's got onto a train, leaving everybody else on the platform. She gets furious when she witnesses people who she feels are destroying themselves physically or emotionally, following a culture and ideas she'd been part of, without ever questioning it, nearly all of her life. Now she'd like to change the world, share her joy and her new hopes, but she just doesn't know how to deal with this. Here are a few ideas we tapped on:
Even though I'd like Mrs Durand to accept to consider EFT for her daily pain, I choose to accept that HER healing is HERS and not mine.   Even though I cannot do anything for Mrs Durand, and it makes me so unhappy to see her suffering when I know that there are solutions, I am open to the possibility that I can help her in my own way, without stepping over her freedom, simply by accepting myself and my feelings.   Even though the conversation between Mr X and Mrs G yesterday was so negative, I would like to be able to explain to them that it's not all that dark, but they will not listen, I choose to feel at peace with myself. I choose to let my serenity spread out so much that they will have to notice it and open up to a new world.   Even though I cannot change the world instantly, I choose to appreciate every small positive change in my own life and I am open to the possibility that my changes are impacting my surroundings positively.  
Hélène is very peaceful at the end of her session. 2 week follow-up Results are usually quite fast with Hélène, and once again, we didn't have to wait long for a few more changes. She feels much more at peace with herself even when she witnesses very strong negativity around her. She deals with her feelings daily, sometimes with interesting surprises. For example, Hèlène decided to tap on her own frustration about a person who was behaving in a negative and aggressive way, It had been going on for months. Two days later, the man sends out a constructive proposal to move forward a project in the village. Is this the result of Hélène's work? Who knows? But she sure enjoys all these little “coincidences” and develops her “force of the good” with delectation! Who knows where EFT will lead you?

This article is slightly different from others, since Liz chose to write it herself. Liz found that sharing her experience was a good way to consolidate and affirm her new life. I added a few notes here and there to help your understanding, particularly if you don't know anything about MR (MAtrix Reimprinting). A way to explain this is to say you are "playing" at revisiting past events, and assisting the person you were then, with all the wisdom and knowledge you got from life since then. Read more here.

I contacted Christine after the French EFT Summit where I had heard her speak. I really wanted some help to move forward in various aspects of my work and personal life and felt confident that Christine could help me do that. She immediately suggested to work on my self-confidence to unlock all this...

I’ve suffered a lot from denial, bullying, rebuffs, moral and even sometimes physical violences from my mother. I was a very shy and inhibited child, and I never felt I belonged. I created habits of failure, the idea that I can’t succeed, I don’t deserve, and I faithfully reproduced this deep-established belief in my daily life. For our first session, Christine asked me to remember a situation as a child in which I had really felt dragged down.

Although there have been many of them, a specific situation spontaneously came to my mind: a very intense one for me, and something that I had already tapped on by myself. I wondered why I should do it again with Christine? But she answered: "We'll start off with it because there must be a reason that it came to mind".

So I’m starting describing the situation: as a child I hated eating meat; I couldn’t swallow it, and my mother forced me to stay at the diner table until I finished it all. So I often stayed an eternity in the kitchen trying to chew a meatball, by then impossible to swallow, while my mother was rough with me because of my slowness and “incapacity”. Until that specific day (I must have been 6) when she exploded: she grabbed me by my arm, pulled me down the stairs (we were living on the 2nd floor), and… While I was relating the event to Christine, a strong emotion came over me. No, I hadn't cleaned it all!

Note: Think about Liz when an event you thought you “cleaned up” still triggers undue reactions in you, or if you find yourself thinking about it a bit too often. Would you need a little help too to go past that point?

We resume the situation from the beginning: there’s only my mother and me, having a meal in the kitchen. Matrix Reimprinting had drawn my attention to Christine’s website, and I was happy that she offered to use it. So here I am going back in time: I introduce myself as an adult to the little girl I was, who feels immensely reassured to have someone to help her, someone introducing herself as “her” as an adult. The little girl feels surprised, intrigued and relieved!
This experience was still very unsettling to me though, so we started tapping on this:

Note: to really benefit from Matrix Reimprinting, it is essential to be grounded and strong enough to be able to help your ‘echo’ (the person you were at that time). In Liz' case , the trauma was still very vivid for her. So we had to do a few rounds in the present to allow her to find peace, to be able to really help the little 6 years old girl she once was.

Even though this event still triggers very violent reactions in me, I have been able to introduce myself to the little girl; this already is an achievement.
Even though this event is much too sensitive for me, I feel it in every cell of my body, I feel it in my throat, but I’m now ready to consider the possibility that I can keep that part of my life while releasing its intensity.

Lots of emotions came up whilst tapping, simply bringing this event to mind was enough to revive all my fear and my distress when facing my very angry mother. But eventually it decreased and disappeared totally (even the big /lump I had in my solar plexus), thanks to Christine's guidance.
Once I had calmed down, we were able to resume the usual MR process, and tap on the child's feelings.

Even though I’m very scared of mum, because she is so upset, it’s not my fault if I can't eat my meat.
Even though I’m so scared of mum, I feel something awful is about to happen, I’m a very nice little girl.
Even though I’m very scared of mum, I like my new friend very much (me as an adult coming to help her).

We ended the first session, leaving the little girl with the possibility to get help from someone in that situation, which lightens her fear of mum (“I know I have a new friend who will defend me, I’m less and less scared, and this is very nice”), with a huge feeling of gratitude for the help, and for her regained power.

Note: We left the following round in some detail, as it often comes up in some shape or form. EFT allows us to let go of old programs we learned, usually in childhood, but nature doesn't like emptiness. So it's quite useful to put in place new programmes such as this one!

I'm informing each of my cells that I’m starting a new programme.
Dear cells, I'm informing you of the launch of a great programme.
This is a programme of love, this is a programme of acceptance, this is my programme for security.
I choose to print it in all and each of you, so you can all benefit from it whenever you want.
My new programme is designed to set off automatically to bring security where there was fear, to bring love where there was anxiety, to bring light where it was darkness.
In every cell of body of my cells, every fiber of my heart, and every neuron of my brain.
Thank you!

Two weeks later, we have a second session and get back to that situation. I can now confidently revisit the “kitchen scene”. So we resume working on the rest of the story with Matrix Reimprinting. The mother grabbed the little girl by the arm, ran down the stairs… again, a strong emotion of terror comes over in the stairs for the little girl.

Even though I feel all this terror, I don’t know what mum is about to do, she never overreacted like this, I always do my best, but I really can't chew the meat, and I'm still a nice little girl.
Even though I'm really scared, I'm afraid that mum will throw me down the stairs, I'm afraid of falling, I'm afraid of hurting myself, ...
Even though I’m really panicked and scared, I’m glad my new friend (me adult) is here with me, because when she’s here, everything’s ok.

Christine suggests that I ask the little girl what she’d need so she wouldn't be afraid anymore: a magic wand, a guardian angel, someone specific? Let’s go for a magic wand! With the wand, the little girl makes herself float in the air over the stairs, she’s now flying behind her mother, so no more risk of falling over. Not only terror disappears, but the situation turns into great fun! That makes all the difference!

Down the stairs, her mother drags her nastily to the cellar, and locks her inside, calling her a very naughty girl. Again, we need to tap on strong aspects: the disbelief to be treated and abused like this, the feeling of being rejected, the fear of the dark cellar with spiders and rats, the fear of being abandoned here…

Note: Liz mentions that her mother drags her “nastily”. We could have worked on the little girl's anger towards her “mean” mother. In this case it seems that working on the girl's terror was enough. The aspect of Liz' anger against her mother might come up later. Or might not.

Fortunately, the little girl now has her new friend and the magic wand with her! At least, she can turn on the light.

Even though I can't believe my mum is nasty enough to leave me alone in the cellar, I don't understand what’s happening, I don't understand what I've done, I’m glad my new friend is with me, and she tells me that I’m a good little girl, and everything will be alright (…)
Mum cannot be that nasty, who is this person who locked me up in the cellar?
This person cannot be my mum, it’s not possible that my mum locked me in the cellar?
Fortunately I have my new friend, fortunately I have my magic wand.

Christine then introduces a brilliant idea: on top of being able to turn on the light, she also offers that I change the ground with the magic wand. Then the little girl chooses a soft brown fur all over the floor. But emotion is still very intense, as if my cells hadn’t realised yet that the story was over. So we carry on tapping on terror to finish cleaning it.

Note: Again Adult Liz's emotion took over and we had to step out of the story for her to calm down before she could “go back and help the little girl”.

Then Christine made me imagine a pink bubble all around me, which is a complete protection (there’s nothing but good inside, and only good can get in). I go back to the cellar with my bubble, and invite the little girl in. The feeling of terror changes completely, into a comfortable and funny situation, in the pink bubble, on the soft brown fur, with the magic wand, and also inviting in a fairy to keep her company. We finish by cleaning a feeling of worthlessness, and with a beautiful work to improve her self confidence and remove unnecessary inhibition. End of 2nd act.

Note: as always with that technique, it all looks like a cartoon. The real magic is that back to reality, Liz immediately notices a completely different view of her life and its (and her!) possibilities.

2 month follow-up

This situation, which had remained traumatic for me for so long, turned into a great memory and great fun. It’s obvious now that I couldn’t clear this trauma and transform it by tapping alone!

That positive reprogramming gave immediate results: the day after session 1, I decided to end my sentimental relationship, which was reflecting my old program (it was something like “I don't deserve to be treated with respect, and in a nurturing way”). I felt relieved to be able to make this decision, to give myself the opportunity to move on with my life, to open the door to a better relationship for me and for the other person.
This work on my self-esteem also had other impacts in the following weeks: on the way I behave, the way I dress, how I take care of myself… even the way I handled my professional activity, which, literally, had not been feeding me either! Within a couple of weeks of the second session, new clients started to show up!
A Huge Thanks to Christine for this wonderful work and the positive changes it has allowed me to make in my life..

And a huge thanks to Liz for sharing her story with her heart!

Marguerite, aged 59, was suffering from respiratory and skin allergies since she was a teenager. Following her doctor's advice, she was on 2 antihistamines a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The normal dose for these was one a day, and her chemist (or pharmacist, depending where you live!) was very reluctant to give her the prescribed dose, but there was no other solution. The medication relieved her from the allergy symptoms, but made her very tired.

When we first "met" (all sessions were on skype), she was so enthusiastic about EFT and its possibilities that she told me she'd stopped her treatment altogether that very morning!

My answer came in 2 steps :

1. I am NOT a doctor, therefore I don't qualify to comment on any medication.

2. This was her decision, however, it sounded a bit extreme to me, considering her medical history!

And indeed, 3 days later, her symptoms had come back full strength, and she was back on her treatment. But if the story stopped there... there would be no case study!

Besides her allergies, Marguerite had many other challenges with her physical health. To introduce her to the basics of EFT, we started dealing with arthritic pains she had been experiencing in her back since she was a teenager too. You can read the detail of that session here.

EFT is at its peak efficiency when you tap right in the middle of a crisis. I explained to Marguerite how to tap when she would next feel the usual allergy symptoms.

During the following weeks, we had 6 sessions together, dealing with different issues. She then felt confident enough to keep tapping on her own. 

Six months later, Marguerite was only on one antihistamine in the evening... when she remembered about it. She tapped when symptoms came back,  from time to time. Please note the we never once tapped together on this exact topic.

So how did she get these results? I assume it's a combination of these 2 points :

  • over the 6 sessions, Marguerite did clear a lot of old issues, including : feeling she'd had to take over her parents' hair-dressing salon, while is was not her preferred life choice (and with all the allergy-triggering products you can find in these salons), feeling the fear to be abandoned, as a baby, and then as a child, anger, feeling she could not say NO to anybody, and the effects it had on her own life, and remembering two episodes of "mild" sexual abuse she'd "forgotten about".

  • in between these session, and then after we stopped working together, Marguerite was eager to tap regularly, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes more, depending on the topic she was tapping on.

Two years later : Marguerite now was on only one antihistamine, maybe 2... A WEEK.

However, she was adamant she would keep clearing a long list of physical symptoms she believes are related to emotional causes, one at a time. So she's progressing on her list. She also decided to free herself from all the negative relationships she had encountered. So she made a list of all these people, and tapped them away, one by one. All was very well in her world, until she started tapping on her relationship with a previous boyfriend who cheated on her twice. Allergies came back full strength again. Feeling the wound was too deep and she couldn't deal with it on her own, she called me for that session. She cleared her anger, found and gave forgiveness, and eventually was able to talk about him with no intensity at all.

Since then, allergies come and go, more or less acting as an emotional barometer. She might use her medication again, maybe three or four times a month. Her doctor approves. She keeps working on her Personal Peace Procedure. The initial medication doses and side effects are long forgotten. And that's not even considering all the other symptoms she cleared on the way.

So, if you suffer from these kinds of allergies, maybe you could ask yourself which emotional root cause it could be related to? Louise Hay, in her book "You can heal your life", suggests that allergies are about "denying your own power". This is only one hypothesis, which incidentally did apply very well to Marguerite. What about your own situation? Do consult your medical doctor for any change of medication.