Everybody knows that flu is highly contagious. And don't even mention gastroenteritis, and and...
And surely tapping cannot prevent viruses from propagating, can it?!

Maybe not... Even though... Everybody do their best to protect themselves from contagion. Obviously, there are the elementary hygiene rules. But besides washing your hands regularly, avoiding sneezing all around, having a balanced diet, getting fresh air etc... did you ever ask yourself what's so special with people who are not affected by contagion?

I ask myself that question every winter, and every winter, the topic shows up at some stage with a client. The latest occurrence was with a nurse. A very knowledgeable person when it comes to contagion issues.

The session was actually about hating receiving "ultimatums". Whether we are talking about a professional ultimatum, about a test for a student, or about a relational situation matters little, the word "ultimatum" conveys much stress. So we explored many aspects of it.

Almost at the end of the session, while I was asking Aurelie (not her real name) to assess her level of stress, she told me "as I am really feeling queasy, it is really hard to focus. There is gastroenteritis around at the moment ".

In other words: "there  is gastroenteritis around, thus I am queasy.". That is what I would call well anchored programming.

As it is not the subject, we continue to tap around this "ultimatum", and in particular focussing on the physical tension which she was still feeling and the possibility of seeing things in a different light. While tapping Aurélie comments on one of my suggestions: "if everything was solved  just by saying it-s-easy-just-do-it, people would know about it!".
This round ended with:

I'm opening up to the possibility of removing my scepticism and of giving myself a choice
the choice of well-being, of feeling relaxed, at cellular, intellectual and even emotional levels. Thank you!

And then, surprise! "I'm feeling less queasy!".

How come, "less queasy"???
In response to my jokes, Aurelie clearly explained a feeling of discomfort: "I'm feeling uncomfortable because I said something and now...". And now, a different truth came to light, in complete opposition to her professional training and experience. Although Aurelie is not a newcomer to the wonderful world of EFT, that was pushing the boundaries of her established truths a bit too much!

Two rounds and less than ten minutes later, Aurelie attested she no longer felt queasy at all, and felt perfectly relaxed indeed, including in relation to the "ultimatum", and the conflict between the sensation that she just experienced and what she had considered to be an established truth.

This kind of situation occurs regularly and leads me to suggest a few topics you might want to explore:
How do you react to this belief that "there is influenza/gastroenteritis etc.. around, therefore there is a risk for me."?
What impact does your reaction have on your stress level?
And what impact has your stress level on your immune system and your energy level on a daily basis?
What if it was time to reconsider your thoughts about this kind of contagion?

Can you quote other "beliefs" of this kind that affect your well-being?
If you could change these beliefs, what would you choose?

Please share your findings with this tapping material!

As usual, do visit a physician for any medical condition.