Everybody knows HOW to celebrate Christmas. It's a time for sharing gifts, right?
Advent calendars are helping children to cope with the excitement and wait until they get the “real” presents on the 25th, at the bottom of the Christmas tree. Quite far off from the the ritual which originally directed their attention towards “good” actions or good thoughts.
Santa Claus, quite far from the original Turkish Bishop of the 3rd century, has become a champion across all categories in Sales and Marketing in our consumer society.
That's HOW Christmas is celebrated.

But WHY all this running around? My wish here is not to discuss about religion, a very personal topic I believe. However, I am wondering : what is all this frenzy giving YOU? Which gifts are you receiving from it? I'm not talking about perfume or gadgets. I'm talking about real gifts, not the kind that just pile up in cupboards or bins, but the kind that plant happiness, those you receive in your heart?

The original message from this christian celebration is one of joy and peace. We talk of Christmas Truce. So I'd like to take this opportunity to suggest a truce with your life's difficulties, and receive, appreciate and give back a little bit of joy and peace. You can do this just by taking one minute of silence, focussing on your breathing. Or... don't tell me you didn't expect this coming from me... by tapping?

This tapping is starting on the top of the head and finishing in the same way. As usual, please adapt it freely to your language, story, inspiration...

First take one (or a few) deep inspirations, and imagine a picture, a sound, a perfume or a colour that's a sign of peace and joy for you.

(Top of the head) Today, I'm welcoming a joyful peace in every cell of my body
(Eyebrow) Today, I'm cultivating peaceful enjoyment in every fibre of my being
(Side of the eye) Today I'm receiving a cheerful peace with gratitude.
(Under the eye) Today I'm seeing the serene enjoyment coming to me from everywhere, people who surround me, nature...
(Under the nose) Today I'm choosing to savour this peace spreading deep into my being and life.
(Chin) Today I'm choosing to multiply this cheerful sweetness and make it bear fruit
(Collarbone) Today I'm redistributing the fruits of this contagious enjoyment to anybody who wants them, and everybody else too!
(Under the arm) Today I'm noticing the sparkles of smiling peace in every person whom I see or think of.
(Under the breast) Today I'm naturally seeing the brightness of soothing enjoyment around me.
(Wrists) Today I'm savouring the satisfied serenity which I can see in others.
(Head) Today I'm choosing to embody peace and enjoyment in every word, action and thought.... Thank you!

May peace and joy be with you... NOW!